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i want my dreads back
o shit
my desktop weather gadget is like, 103F, 105F, 101F
death heat begins

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i think burbank and oakland were free
thats what korean factory was like

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haha they IQ tested me and were like, this is your score stfu go work
thats some fucked up shit to throw at someones face in a letter
you know he seems a lot happier than a lot of the higher ranking employees
no one does

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im doing like, payments
but the irc girl is like, just pay of the principle and ask for them to dismiss the interest and penalties
you can only ask once
if you ask before youre done, you will get more penalties and interest after
whats gst rebate
and yeah actually
i used that tax money to pay back the gov
for how long and how often
they wanted like 3 months of disability checks back, then that shit hit my credit, fucked up my taxes and paid it off

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did i tell you guys how i got an irc letter like HI GIVE IT BACK
like, 2009 i had a few months as a 1099 for stanton
so i did tax act because it worked year before
so i guess the shit i copied over from my 1099 didnt make it into the right box
so they gave all my estimated taxes back
like, i was all unemployed and this was before i got all my retroactive unemployment
so i didnt question it, i was just like YAY TY MR GOVERNMENT
well they are

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thats actually kind of cool
except for the price of the ipad, i dont think i would use it for a ton else
yeah but it doesnt matter because i wont give money to that company
for a fraction of the cost even!
so did like, apple ditch big ipads, or what
for the price?
well id break either
fuck i need to go to shop like now
im going to learn to play netskys strobot on my bass

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if theyre the same resistor
fuck if i know
figure out the max power state of the one drawing more, add to however much power the other is doing
oh thats maybe what you said

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rocket steering?
thats good
this is for burning guy or what
meh i should do a pads project

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macegr: what are you doing in LA?

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