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i think its working

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and cleaning
heh @ topic ted video
is this theoretical or what

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12:48 <@Rab> rjmp deathloop
i usually do that like 'deathloop: rjmp deathloop' on one line to save gigamegs
wedding reception

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they will do pdf now
ur black n white
and is eee note an ereader
hey that looks kinda neat
is it $100?
its got wifi
wtf $350

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no teslas for you
so should i pay people to clean my place or what
they will prob just be like fuck this and leave
it was the featured groupon for where i lived
and i should call exexgf see if she will clean it
she kinda sorted all the parts and small tools she found everywhere last time, was neat

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prob some youtubes
both my eee could play some youtubes
one was atom and other was celeron
heh @ jtagging tiny opamps
30 or older for Tesla options.
heh they think because im 31 its ok to give me a tesla?
youre not 30?

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haha nice collar traces
For $75, you get a two-hour 2010 Tesla Roadster rental (a $150 value).
do othe batteries last that long?

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