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in an suv even

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haha fuck passers that dont speed up
fuckit, why get shot in the face
whatever it happens!

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thats some canada shit yo

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theres lots of them, google the image name and site:digikey.com
maybe digikey was like HEY DIODES WE LIKE UR TO252
and now they are converting all

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so youre saying digikey is tracking our irc channel, noticed you bitching about this, photoshopped it in a matter of seconds, and reuploaded
ya probably

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the funniest shit is how the legs are drawn two diff ways
that shit doesnt have a logo
glitch in ur matrix
if you look its not a consistent texture, like some shit was blurred, i was like did you download and edge detect that shit wtf

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`nico: i think my buddy just flaked
should i still go to bartender girl rock band!?
i was down but $20 parking is fucked not split up =(
and wtfdos you just make the httpd deflate shit that isnt there?

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