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tiem to keel deathclaws

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so it goes 62000km/s
the speed of light = 299 792.458 kilometers / second
would be hard to land on that
tell company you need moar

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hahaha wtffff
dx did you just do km to miles
yeah all our new designs are metric hardware
all we have in the bins is american hardware

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mfkr channel
i didnt get the soup i got the ginger chicken
the intern found a bug in his ginger chicken
free lunch!
makes sense i have no idea
how do you know he isnt a fag
nothing wrong with that
now hes a catlike fag
yeah but its tennis
wonder how many watts wasted at gioogle searching the first three letters of everyones search
what plane?
haha how crashed?
youre in jp still?
the shit went off the end or wat
and what plane you in

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cheezits and coffee

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tf is that
oh youre probing the black anxd decker thing
i thought the display was a remote for a black and decker car scope or something
no cmon that looks like a sine!

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