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i think im like, middle/end

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in the 12/18 yo case, the situation is more likely to be completely fucked up
no rab because its in the butt
totally diff law

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its 3 years here!
govs job is to steal your weed and fuckup your paperwork at court
whatever im going to play failout
it depends on the situation

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then they die, then its mild summer for like 8 months again
los angeles
do you know what part?
=( =( =(
we dont build rockets, because we wasted all our money on the shuttle

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i do it to a usb hdd anyway so itll take bunch of time
i think id have to get an esata connector dongle
pretty sure i have that on the mobo on a header
tekrad: haha i had those
fuck 40mm fans
holy fuck guys
weather gadget says its going to be 108F today
its always like this in aug/sep
you think youre going to escape summer without death heat, then it hits for like 2 weeks
then it gets windy
then it rains for two weeks
then the hills turn green

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but like, yrs is $900
its nuts theyre all die based crimpers
but they wont sell you dies
they put the p/n and wire sized and terminal types on the crimper frame at the factory
we just had the china office find something comparable in shenzen for like 1/5 the price
we'll see how that works out =\
mun: terminal crimpers
i dont keep up on computers at all anymore
seriously like how much faster does the shit need to be anymore
yeah that sucks before work

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oh wtf
40 coax cables
or what
please say it was a 40ch cable he broke out
and not 40 individual cables
hahaha awesome
lope #1
yeah dunno how many actual data channels
did you ever link it
have you paypal'd anyone?
we have this huge idc crimper at work
its like bolt cutters
blackmoon: its just a big clamp!
omg one that big
we have two JST crimpers in the lab
theyre like $500 ea
wc series is $400

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so you want to develop it yourself
andsave money?
have you ever worked in an engineering department or factory
nothing is difficult if you dont do anything wrong ever
ok true i guess somethings could still be difficult in that situation
haha yeah
mun: do you have a date in mind?!
and a quantity
engineering proj manager joke
but you have to agree in the form of color coded spreadsheets with dropdown menus for column filters
or no one will take your request for help seriously

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i need $40/hr for 50 hours a week for 3 weeks to consider if i can do it
tekrad: hi
mun: gold plated slot to pcb contacts
you want to make a PCIe dongle to plug into esata

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