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macegr: when do you turn it on
oh nice

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hey so is it bad to ask the guy who is probably going to interview you to be a reference?
like just the backlight or you accidentlied the whole thing

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well at least you made the tape feeders better
that sucks
i got my andy c tickets \o\/o\/o\/\/o\/o\o\
does it drift
will it keeps bumping over a mm
thats not good
hmm weird beatdown just became bassrush

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because the whole point of the game is surviving with the character you designed out of limited resources
and stuff
thats how long it takes to warm up or calibrate or what
i thought you were going to make some shit
haha wtf

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timecop: lame!

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blackmoon: i just did that last night!
and i followed his advice and got through
took me like 5 times to get hisadvice
damn hes got some pussy ass non-armor
hes not following the directions
how can he not have any stimpacks
i have like 40 of them

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