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and you just usb it gcode text and some manual output commands
thats how the pro shit works
uh ya duh
but you could make some stripped out shit
to make the interpreter part simpler
but youre replacing soft cnc controllers completely
it would be a totally platform independent solution
shit could show up as a usb flash drive

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you get 1ms+ delays
above certain speeds the limit switches wouldnt be as effective
homing would need to be done slowly
4000hz at 60ipm on my machine, 1ms would be .001 of latency min
and my shit is slow
to do it reasonably is to make an actual cnc controller

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because its from them

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geckos, something else, sec
might have been these

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`nico: mampi swift @ i love la maybe right now!
i seen him do sets he drops shit hard
or at least did years and years ago
ha yeah wtf low end servo drivers are step/dir input too

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well yeah you could servo control it
and generate the steps
okay fine whatever tc
im making block diagrams to think
i should prob go to the dnb party and ask my friend if he has my phone =(

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yeah dunno how to do the usb driver part
if you want it to work with controller software easy, you just make it look like a hardware partport to the software
have the software timestamp events, send to usb device, which just replays what the soft parport was sent from the app
yeah but thats what will make $$$, i dont want to make a whole gcode interpreter/machine controller
that shit exists
for a hardware controller, not just a stepper and switch interface, you would just need to send the box gcode files (text) and jog commands

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im about to go check dumpster for phone
what part
the step drivers, a whole feedback setup, the actual cnc code interpreter
you can prob do usb to parport dongle
and then just buffer the pulses with user variable latency?
or what

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timecop: hiwat
i do 0402 with an iron
i usually hit it with hot air after to make all the solder filets nice
shit still works if i dont, just spikey sometimes

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tiem for failout

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guys seriously where is my phone
i did

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just use photo paper?

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sandwich eating habits dox'd

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