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timecop: esd
for positive voltage spikes?
forward bias and dump energy into the rail instead of over voltaging the signal?
no to like 3.5 probably

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the pregnant robot has usb
and ya, that could be a dubstep song =\

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oh look if i sign up for a 2 year plan sprint will give me an android phone
i feel like this is how they tricked me before

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phone has died
no longer ringing
but like, i need it

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its the ripple
might be a buck regulator
oh its says mA wtf
sculptor: happy after friday!
we have 3 day weekend
when i dont get paid

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timecop: exists

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unless its just a zener and a transistor =( =( =(
a lot of the battery charger/fuel gauge ic can send that information back

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yeah totally possible
its prob just a 3 pin voltage regulator and an led
the cable looks a little small, might not be 5v when it gets to the device =)
try it
the worst thing that likely happens is the vreg goes into thermal shutdown
that doesnt break annything, itll be annoying tho

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