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foxit does not like when i enter url into filename box
oh shit, nm it did it
haha this 1955 sylvania datasheet says uuF
ur trash

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A considerable amount of heat is produced when tubes operate, both from the filament (heater) but also from the stream of electrons bombarding the plate.
i guess electrons hitting shit heats it up

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wait a second
so in a tube, like you are pushing current through a vacuum
so you can setup voltages with resistors on the plates
but theyre not electrically common, and there is nothing that the electrons are dropping voltage across
wait i have to be thinking about this wrong
like do you dissapate power in a vacuum?
there is current and a voltage difference
well theres a heater
because the electron emitters only do it or work better when heated
im not sure how much power the active components of the tube use

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just ask wtf
hey can you help us answer your question by having one?
neat we can do that, go on
make it take pics

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what because youre younger or youre a tube weirdo or what you say
btw, death to tubes!
im going to build a 12ax7 preamp thats got opamp input and output buffers
because i talk so much shit about tubes are for preamps
you do nintendo stuff?
oh right, irc from ds

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dig those hand taped traces
auto routing my nuts
thats a guy in front of a drafting table with a roll of tape
youre going to school?
what program?
fuck yeah
nothing wrong with that
oh damn i thought you were older than me
like, way older
yeah kinda for some reason i thought you were around when they died out
so like, 70s kid

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i got baja fresh'd
they change colors?
i thought they just went from light lcd blue to dark lcd blue
wtf bowling
no any bowling
<-- smoking weed on the patio
then maybe arcade games
which was right next to the pool tables
in the bowling alley
no im blogging from a pc while smoking?
want to buy me a tablet?
haha it came in a bowling shoes box?

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whatever i think its awesome!
i would trust a lot of BM electric tape chassis devices than pro shit with EMI shields =\
*more than
it isn't, i don't have a lot of faith in modern consumer product engineering practices
i know! removing soldered on EMI shield boxes sucks so hard

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naw dude, everything else
drip is more than french press?
rab: yeah makes sense, like exposure time to the grounds
french press and drip, they just soak
haha @ moons and tarduino
more like DIPs and perfboard in an electric tape chassis

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macegr: dude starbucks coffee is really bad
its burnt and bitter
the chocolate coffee slurpees are #1 tho
but yeah irl, light roast, dark brew coffee for life
peets is a little better
yes indeed
macegr: roast your own coffee!
shit is so tasty!
even when its not
it actually has flavors tho, its not like, drinking charcoal
french press only takes boiling time + 4m
you should get a project manager
they have the best coffee, right in their office
drip is horrible tho
and a bitch to clean
god youre like my mom
why dont you just pop no-doze

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he was hard to help
because if you said he was wrong he hated you forlife
is that kid taking a dump in the flowers?
in 1992
and then

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he wasnt a master electrician and he didnt work
not the same guy
about what
i thought it was because he was falling apart
thank god he didnt move to hollywood he would have been such an annoying waiter
i dont think that was his wife
i did led throbber on stk500 in 30m and he got so mad =(

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it wont be the same when it enters and exits the coil
i think so
that idea is max win
so the engineer would know when his train came apart
spinning = lost energy
hes deaded?
whatever that was a good idea!
Mr. Keller, a master electrician and worked at The Detroit Medical Center.

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it failed because of a leaky tube, no?
so get a half watt metal film resistor?
like 30 years of resistor material development?
carbon was pretty much all there was then

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so it was black people and native americans fucking up your radio
like, all of them almost
theyre like, carbon replacement
yeah lower noise, higher precision
thick film and metal oxide film have certain desirable failure modes
i think its metal oxide that opens up without catching fire

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if you cant work for the bread, ask for it. if they say no, take it. if they get annoyed, stab them, because hey you got family and they got more bread
anyone who wont steal to feed their people when there is no other source to get it is a bitch neglecting his or her responsibilities
macegr: you gotta steal a lot to support a family!
if someone is hassling you because you got caught, you dont have time to negotiate
just stab them and go on to the next victim
well mfkr shouldnt have gotten caught
but shit happens
it was black people wasnt it
you could just go live with blackmoon

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poor desperate people abuse systems
its not about colors
its natural
you survive
mariachis ftw
fuck that chicken tho
i hate bones
wing stop bone-out ftmfw
you dont do it for the return
you do it because its the right thing to do
anyway, desperate people need to be pacified
so they dont revolt against what is an obviously fucked and biased system
setup to rape them for work, but then abandoned them when work was found cheaper elsewhere
so you give them money
because if you dont they will kill you
and they will be justified

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the system needs to be changed
and it needs to be clear these programs likely wont return on their investment
you dont help people to make the money back
you do it because ita the right thing to do
because thats what were about as americans and why we are better
look it wont matter, ever
you fix the problem, which is their environment and education, or just accept its broken
and giving them free money makes it a bit better because there will be less crime
and it helps to equalize economic forces as it puts money into very low income districts
you need to fix everything
and at once
you cant expect every person to be exception and to pull themselves out of a desperate environment
just because you gave them money
so you fix education and fix community infrastructure
and provide work and job training
then maybe one day the people wont need so much money

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shit when they start standing up for workers rights and labor costs keep raising like they are, you're going to be thankful we got kids working machines here, you will be like, omfg thank god for child slavery and all this cheap made in the usa shit at walmart that it makes possible
i totally support a US military with cutting edge tech
fuck occupying the whole world
and fuck not rolling that tech into consumer products sooner
bring it ccfl_man
youre going to get shot talking like that
dx^: haha
because it will hurt their margins
and then they will be forced to lay off more people
nevermind that they are laying off people even with the tax breaks
money is international
doesnt care about doing the right thing for americans
people are easily tricked
they vote for abortion law
and thats about it
oh and guns

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religion needs to be banned from politics already
republicans shouldnt even be allowed to participate after the whole bush jr "GOD SAYS INVADE SO I INVADES"
when did we try that
im not saying ban it from life
just dont bring it to the debates and dont bring it into policy
omfg they dont even agree with themselves
dx^: hey man how else we going to be competitive with the asians

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blackmoon: im kind of almost done
with fo nv
i got to the end and didn't like how it turned out so i reloaded a save from a few missions back
whats a rick perry
is he one of those religious anti-itellectual-and-taxes pro-life-war-and-death-penalty types?
yeah they set the gobama up
it would take a palin to get him re-elected and i don't think the republicans are quite that retarded
thats what dems due
because they're idealists who want to do the right thing

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