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`nico: i think so
i think im going on vacation in november
its like 500F and weed is shoot on site

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so is all automated
what if the shelf is 15ft up?
it like brings it down?

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oh so it just fucks up the clouds file associations
well thats fucked, thats maybe like millions or billions of clouders id be fucking with
oh man if your gf/wife/girl isn't complaining im going to tell her to
like how big?
that would be neat, we have like, stacks of drawer bins arrange in a 4 sided columns on a board with casters
used up all the wall
haha wtf how wide is it?
comes with a ladder?

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i guess if i had apple icloud shit
or enabled that backup service like 6 years ago
wait, 'icloud stores your [media shit] and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices -- automatically'
wtf it pushes it to all your devices, its a cloud, all my shit should be stored there until i get it
this seems incredibly wasteful of electrons
they dont melt?
damn i need quicktime to watch apple website vids

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mfkr i dont miss a day
maybe a couple days
hopefully i go to dnb and get all my phone numbers back
i think one will lead to oldphone + allnumbers

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+ accelerometers
and an 'i' prefix
also pls2proprietary connector
`nico: we got device thing through apple certification!
i guess this doesnt usually go so well
no that blog is complete
apple device buttkissing
lordpil blog prob still rockin...
yeah no one has bought me free ipad so i dont care about his ithing so much
i got my replacement sprint phone today!
including insurance payments, was $150 and man i feel ripped off!
hahaha $500 phones

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