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cant find the radio show
found the audiobook but its read by some dork

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i sent an email to my boss like, this is dnb, this is dubstep, this is drumstep
with like 20 youtube links
because he was going to try and find dnb by himself
i work at an audio company and hes into synth stuff
one of them was the drumstep remix of pendulum - witchcraft
i mentioned they play live as a band to big venues, because the 'why dont they play this music live' thing comes up
bands dont keep going for like 4 hours
they keep stopping every 4min, its awkward

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inside us and jushuas war are easily two of my fav tracks
oh hmm i maybe have that

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Broken Note - War in the Making
that shit was neat how they cut in the amens
the french would be into dubstep
dj hidden is fucking awesome

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at the music box, and beatdown is mostly dubstep so its normal
but yeah, breakdancer cleared the moshpit
then he tried to get out of the circle and they pushed him back in
its a pretty cool venue, ive seen like breakdancers and mosh pits going on at the same time without overlapping

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i have a neuromancer bbc radioshow somewhere
that needs to be cut up into something with hard bass
last link is okay
hard/dark/technical sounding dubstep is okay i just cant listen to that shit for days
tho seeing the kids doing the zombie stomp is pretty funny
hahaha @ andy c, they tried to get a mosh pit going
well, it was bassrush/beatdown event

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dehuman: this is good so far
dehuman: sounds like old jungle w/ 2011 production

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timecop: clearly this boy is confused
excuse, prob no one her has as much of a problem with dubstep as me
not yet
i actually go to dubstep shows and bitch about dubstep
what are you doing for the cause
but yeah, fuck trance

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mfkr left
he just needs a ground breaker
that shit happens with everyones laptop

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