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i finished it
i set that shit free
going to install the rest of the dlc
in the vegas

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buy me that
damn i thought those were 5 speed
my 280z was

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until eventually its pretty much just a sine pulse
but you either try and filter that shit out, or fix whats creating the interference
maybe slow transitions on your power switching
i guess its LEDs?
but most likely that will make the driver less efficient
how big are the wires you are putting power through
its just the cable to the LEDs youre talking about?
use shielded cable
you owe me $20
i have to go
you are not as interesting as panera bread place w/ other hacker
i got free smoothie on my panera card!

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with a filter
thats not my nick
why, youre a troll
whats wrong with ghetto slums?
naw youre a troll, you fail to fail often enough
i dont know what youre doing and what the load is and what speed shit has to go
but an RC on an input can prob help if the noise is way out of your operating frequency (which it isnt) or you can deal with slower transistions
maybe sprinkle some ferrite dust on your schematic
itll make the edges less sharp

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the way to make peace is to give everyone automatic weapons
worked in the iraq and afghanistan
cmon quebecers plus machine guns
sounds like a great party!

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