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because i went to school and read datasheets and talked to intelligent knowledgable mfkrs about it
because i didnt learn electronics from timecop
pls2specify what answer youre looking for

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01:00 < monkeyisl> it's analol'g
01:00 < timecop> its fucking 74 series gates shit
thats so classic
digital circuits are made from analog parts
(this has been popping up in fortune cookies lately)
fool they are not opamps inside
theyre mostly class-b cmos switches
because opamps are too big and slow and expensive
because its not 1975

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i thought in norhtern europe they all had GB uplink directly to their skulls

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i dont want to do laundry
i want a pizza tree that does my laundry

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workbench: for what kind of media
its really grooves, not optical
wtf stop fucking with me now you really are making up media

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why do you need a vcr again
china engineering department player?

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yeah whats up with the butt plug tail
like, pig, horse, whale, butt plug
squirrel i guess
i guess dog is the little egg vibe
oh it makes more sense when you see the other views on the bottom
yeah i know the basic plot stuff
did they add new shit or what
isnt it like almost 10 years old now
wtf they did like chopped up their images
anyway i think the tails are usb flash
monkeyisl: you need to translate this shit and explain why we care so we dont waste so much time
we are not all literate like you koreans, for example i never learned to read

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wtf vcr
were those things real?
k pretty sure it was a dream
like smb2
new deux ex?
my friend got my to play that, i was into it bit life distracted, never even started really
oh shit they did an mmo?
fuck all that
single player non linear rpg for life
im doing same thing with failout new vegas

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``nico: i want record =\
it has a usb dongle, i have to actully talk to someone downstairs to get a license
or just gank a copy next time im in the 3pl warehouse
theyre okay
for the money theyre a deal
those were gen 2 rockits, for the most part the improvements, besides the transistion to the butt ugly wannabe VXT egg face piece, was cost reduction
but krk woofers are a BOM fuck, which works out for the end user
and theyre no more or less chinese than m-audio and mackie stuff
in terms of build/layout

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atobe: i just noticed fake jewels in one of the pieces
prob the weight for the self winding thing
thats like the most expensive watch at dx, probably
but yeah fake diamonds killed it

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thats kind of neat

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they split them up but its the same thing
i didnt like having capture and sim in the same app

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god it took me like 2min to understand that joke
sculptor: theyre using gas and some other type of chromotography here
to characterize different strains and batches by the diff cannabinoids
in los angeles, as a service to the collective patients, shops and growers
haha now when i go into my reg shop, they make me staple a form, or shred a document
so i am volunteering

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yeah pretty sure thats normal for a jfet
youll prob find tons of circuits
its the basis of most compressor/limiter circuits, so theres tons of opinions on how to do it
the simple way distorts
the more complicated stuff usually involves moving the voltage of the jfet base in proportion to the signal its modulating via the vcr
if it was easy to do, potentiometers wouldnt exist
in his context or something completely different
or its like, a soup thermometer

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and in that equation, figure 6, Rds is a parameter you get from a jfet datasheet
rload you would have to reverse engineer the circuit a bit
but you can use a resistor in place of the pot, and some ohms law math, to get the load resistance (Rload)
yeah and when it does //, thats not division im pretty sure thats 'in parallel with'
it might not be great at modeling this

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yeah i cant really recommend anything because theres a chance it could break something
ya have fun let us know!
if you can get a component level schematic, someone in here can prob help
you can get a digital pot
i think they come in 1k steps
right i know

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it prob works fine, unless its part of a filter or something
feedback loop
yeah jfet is like a variable resistor (or a diode if you forward bias it)
yeah cant say if itll work or damage anything if i dont see the circuit
if its a part of a voltage divider, it will probably work
if its part of a filter or a feedback loop of some kind, i dont think it will work how you want

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what if the circuit doesnt work like that
do you care what the outcome is
are you just fucking around
do you want another pot meter to control the 5v or you already have a plan to generate this
so two of the pots pins are shorted to each other
youre going to take the synths CV out and wire it back into the synths circuit?
i like you
if its just using the pot as a variable resistor, the circuit could be anything, just injecting voltages might not have the same affect as turning the pot

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peer is an asshole

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