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maybe his is lol'ing in happiness because it worked
or maybe he means simple math vs super complicated ohms law math

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04:01 < monkeyisl> renesis : loling @ simple math gives me very close data to teh real.
why because you did something wrong?
or because youre not taking into acount reality

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lightest way = helium

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kinda about to play some fallout
also intermittently hibernating

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k iunno there is prob lots
use digikey/mouser/findchips

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yeah but im about to be gone for cigs and junk at frys
then when i get back im going to do some hardcore failout lifewasting
i think im just going to get this for the failvo
i put one in my sisters ford exploder and it sounded pretty ok

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fuck yeah, funktion-one sound uses paper compression drivers
that explains a lot

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`nico: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejYI65dyVBI
dirtyphonics was pretty neat
loadstar was okay, a lot of the big tracks he dropped tc had played an hour earlier tho =\
haha so somehow the plan got all fucked up, because you had to show up at the hilton instead of box office for guest list
but i still got in for free, with free alcohol wristband

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