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i dont have a tv

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omg these mp3 are way low bitrate
hmm okay i thought someone was talking shit about tech itch, but after reading more i think she is referring to herself

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haha wtf technical witch and tech bitch

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blackmoon: if i want to undo does it break anything?
i think radioactive rain broke shit
oh thats not so bad
heh i dunno because it made it more hardcore
was fo3, havent played that in iunno
dehuman: fuck ya, ty

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kinda blows away anything else pendulum except maybe tarantula
ive been trying!
ive been doing old world blues
is that in the game?
i want a molly gun
oh i meant normally
the flechette
i have one of those!
i have a thump-thump
dehuman: where is the bass
oh nice

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hardcore can be awesome, but i cant listen to it very long
its too hardcore =\
its like hard liqs
haha nice
that kind of describes a lot of dnb im not so into perfectly
this has wah guitar and it does have 4/4 bass hits
macegr: not really
pendulum just did rock-dnb fusion perfectly, to the point of being pop
there is shit so liquid its basically soft jazz w/ a dnb beat
doesnt really get much harder than that
(after the typical pendulum into)
<3 <3 <3 1:39 onward

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prob LEDs is fine
they just trip on weapons, they dont even care about drugs so much
does this shit end at 11p or something?
the intro is 4 to the floor
its basically house but missing one of the snare hits
4hero has a couple good dnb tracks, most of its too liquid
dunno this seems more like disco than house
i know =\
the music i <3 is like, the backlash

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take her to the barrier in front of the subwoofers
and just soak in the bass for 5 or 8 hours
fav feed me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auFtHzMJ7NI
thats about as much house as ill deal with, and the snare is still dubstepped
then it drops proper
macegr: find the event site and look for the rules page

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its the same as where subficus fixes the rusko track
it died last new years
after marking the end of almost everyones set and end of every show since the previous may
skrillex was supposedly bouncing around one of the hotels i was at last weekend after nocturnal
haha that guy looks goofy
but yeah, hes mostly house, too
saw them this weekend ^
count the subwoofers and let me know =)
is there like, gonna be seats?
okay so its not a total failure
it aint weapons or drugs
whatever just put the electronics behind your belt
thats how i do my weed and pipe
well, if you have to robot suit to have an experience, i dunno man
look fuck the costume
bring earplugs
stuff them in her head

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all electronica is stealing jungle bass
took them 20 years to realize we just do it better
shit all that had to be done was put jungle bass over slower beats that dont confuse people, and now the little kids show up
heheh, skrillex and flux pavillion totally look like cartoons
thats not dub
dub is like, 70s music
modern dub is like, 70s dub with more bass (they do dub club every wed here)
macegr: i did the flux remic and original fresh version of gold dust when i emailed bossguy about bass culture
yeah dont make the mistake again
some mfkrs will end you for not being more specific
also, youre posting a guy who actually still plays massives
and calling him commercial
deadmau5 is prob selling through ticketmaster
that was overplayed last year
people still play remixes

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music box show, like maybe 2000 capacity, nice soundsystem
wooden dancefloow, so you feel the bass through your legs, and when the crowd is moving, the floor is literally moving
also they have co2 jets
what does that mean, for cheese and steak
or what
also when you come during the holiday i have to take you to dnb
at the very least respect
when are you going to change your nick
wtf @ pecan
ok well have fun at house
he dont drop it that hard
and mau5 is house
feed me is cool, he did more dubstep than house at beatdown
dude its house, it doesnt drop
it just goes thump thump thump thump the whole time
its like trance, its this buildup and then it just does the same thing, slowly

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21:00 < macegr> ok so deadmau5 is so big right now that fat boy slim is actually opening FOR him
deadmau5 is dubstep and electro house
so basically, bass music done wrong
feed me is on his label, tho
and feed me is really spor
and spor is one badass mfkr
damn if this new girlperson who wont commit to being macegr's chick makes him go to house shows...
next time i see macegr im going to make boom-tss noises
`nico: total science this friday

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haha @ whats ground loop
well once you know what it is, fixing it can be drama

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um, its line noise coupling onto your signal electromegnatically
and what to do with chassis and earth is per application, gets philisophical, generally speaking fort safety you want metal chassis tied to earth

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laser turrets.
you dont care enough to optically isolate
i would prob do it
but i doubt you will
your shit goes like 1KHz max?
im saying the shit you are controlling

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omg get an app note
sculptor: friday!
not even
its 8a on tuesday
california uber alles.

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