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plc overview^
kbbl (bass)

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if you pay us $10K we might make you a PLC
because they are tested and backed by pros
its not just an MCU on a pcb
its an electromechanical system built to survive in an industrial environment doing critial tasks
whatever, they're spec'd and tested
depends on the PLC
and a switch can gen signal
so i dont understand you so much

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ha, yeah its awesome manually panelizing boards

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its console cad
i dont remember dicktrace being that much better in this regard
PADS is fucked slow with big designs, too
mentor graphics
shit that companies actually buy
its CAD in general
ACAD does it, solidworks does it
and yeah thats prob why eagle does it
and yet it still bogs when shit gets big, hmm
it would when i was working on shit for you that wasnt that huge

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too big for free eagle dimensions or your pc?

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