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like wtf, are you an e-tarded girl failing out of college in 1998, or what
tho honestly, i can get into anything hard and tech sounding, with mad bass
like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMtcqfQNd2Y
you realize that just makes you old
pretty sure i like the remix of badger song better

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its even more boring that you describe
uh hello
i have said dubstep sucks since before anyone here knew what dubstep was
i go to dnb/dubstep shows and bitch about dubstep
when my friends started spinning dubstep in their mixes, i was the first to be like, uh guys fuck this shit its slow
which is pretty much become the popular opinion for awhile now
drumstep, on the other hand
omg moar
well you like hhc

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macegr: haha
good dubstep: < 10min of it per set
bad dubstep: > 10min of it per set
beatdown was drum n bass in the main room and dubstep on the patio this week
yeah mostly
timecop = no music credibility
then neither is hhc
its fast disco without wah guitar
dumbstep does not that have that many kicks in its core beat

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ttmustang: omg today is so much sleep i hope it never ends

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download a mc34063 datasheet
most of them have a table of equations that cover all three dc-dc converter types
but basically it is the voltage drop when pulling your load current from a given capacitance for one of your switching periods
turn that statement into maths and youre good

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morning channel peoples

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