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i dont like flossing

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kevtris: i thought fatter was more inductance
but yeah shorter length def should decrease inductance

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dont make the traces too fat

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its kind of the same category of gear as hakko
the metcal stuff is awesome, but its not as durable and its way more $$$
my friend has had his since the mid 90s
well the auyoe stuff is comparable
ive used their hot air rework station, couple people in here have them
the hakko clones probably come from the same factory in china that makes the hakko stuff

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i dont recommend it, get a hakko fx888 for like $80 and never buy another iron again
yeah for that get the cheapest shit you can find
radioshack for the solder is fine
glue gun i would prob get a lowes or home depot
solder wick
they close earlier tho but prob til like 5 at least
thats new version of their most popular iron that they just discontinued
more power, faster regulation, about half the size (but about the same weight, heheh)
wellers are okay but i dont like them as much

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a dimmer isnt regulated
you missed the point
temp control means you have the ability to control the temp
a dimmer just regs power
it has no temp feedback it isnt controlling shit
a hacko 936/fx888 is like $80
its not controlled, its less power
the heat depends on loading
so you would put it on a large pin, and itd lose all its temp
so you turn it up
so it heats up and works
so you put it aside, since its unloaded it gets incredsibly hot
you try and use it again, and it toasts and part and lifts pads and traces on a pcb
anyway, if youre going to do electronic assembly or rework, like more than two times, get a proper iron
its a hakko clone

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