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yeah i have no idea how fast i used to go on that robinson down that hill at school
24" bmx so youre kinda low, thing was shaky as fuck
heh # single cyl, growly

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blackmoon: holy shit 110mpg
that bike?
or the exhaust
prob lots of heat insulation so dumbass n00b riders doesnt burn his ankle and give up at life
kind of looks like a swingarm
because it has those
theres an ABS option
i think that thing is like ~60
but it will prob do like 80mph
at 90 it probably disintegrates underneath you
but yeah the ninja 250 is a i2
this is single cyl with balance shaft
i guess this is smoother
its just a normal bike isnt it?

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darlingtons and strife
how many volts
you weight nothing tho
i kind of want a cbr250
compared to a whole car?
trust me car weighs more
i think the exhaust is the worst looking thing on that bike

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100-150 gram*what
meters or cm or what
is grams the weight or torque
oh weird

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nice layout
your micros octapus arms have more bends/length than they need to have

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time for rev x2

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macegr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJcm4uoCzW8&t=1m20s
cmon even for clownstep wobbles, thats pretty neat

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