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deportation sounds like a great way to blow money on fucking our economy

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if the legal citizen needs it more, they should

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its not for like a month nd a half
nothings happened
its not us its the fed
and whatever sending people to school is a good thing

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oh neat
macegr: the place i get my raw coffee beans from is going to have a booth at mini maker faire

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i need coffee

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alienware is crap
i got a lian li aluminum thing, should last at least that long

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wtf @ $2k on the box
u mad

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like, a pc
or a deathstar
like for cad and games?
or what
fuck i wanted to play failout
but im going to drum n bass in like an hour
also hardcore!
ron d core is going to be there

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im about to ban all of you
o fuck all that
friendly stoner chans not recognized
ok dx already got the bitdork guy

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why were you banned

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status: nomnomnomnom

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ETA to mushroom shallot sauce on whole wheat pasta = soon, status = tasty

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yeah kinda spotty
well it says roaming coverage in all the areas i would go hiking (which look like the only spots without coverage)
i want to know who covers that shit
trip out the sprint map has the fire roads

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kind of thinking about that
data plan is how much?
yeah i think sprint is kinda same
like for $99 i get phone and data
i think sprint does most of LA now

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how many is your download
you guys have your own tower or something
you got an ap or usb dongle?

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open office ruins all my formatting =(
playstation accessories are done with geda
=( =( =(

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haha geda

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are we tripping on that it looked better in 1993?
teknique: status of dicktrace experience so far

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dx^: o hi

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al davis is dead
going to hell, devil is fucked now

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