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`nico: mfkr

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sometimes i will breakout connectors into stubs with net labels
so i can keep the circuit in its own little block without having to have spaghetti to wire the connector into the circuit
but yeah mostly i try and avoid unless its for off page connections (which you cant really avoid)
like, the schematic could be way more compact, and can be done sexier
but its okay, definitely functional, easy enough to read
nice job monkeyisl, kbbl
theyre like net breakouts
he didnt, read up
but yeah you could bus the nets to the display
bussing the 4 traces for the digit selects is a bit much

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your grounds shouldn't point sideways
people will point and laugh
and i dont know what he specifically means by nets either
maybe means busses, maybe means net labels so you can do stubby schematic, maybe he means use more supply symbols but youre already doing that
how is he not using nets
theres lines connecting stuff
yeah he wants a stubby schema =(
which i usually find harder to read

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