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yeah after a couple minutes
ok looks clear
im going to sev
k not rly going to ampm
i smoke those cigs =\
and when i buy sunglasses theyre usually wayfarers but wtf blue you gotta get tortoise

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some cardboard shit with a rivet?
k rab when can i go outside again

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he was that before he got an arduino
wtf is a sketch

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reza_: you can cut the garlic with cayenne peppers
reza_: y
someone is pounding on someones door outside
rab: k

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isnt there a datasheet or a spec page or something
i just read the beginning and the end of those long ones

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the limit is psu related
really the cables
high i said psu
you can star power them they should be fine
like youre not going to daisy chain them to china
or even the end of the block
i think i did more than 6
i soldered and used phone cables

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Sometimes you get that almost perfect performance with perfect feel and presence, but the singer might have missed a few notes. That's when Neptune can save the day. Neptune is an advanced pitch adjuster, audio transposer and voice synth for Reason 6.
haha they added an autotune box

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my guess is they put algorithms from this guy into the reason echo thing
we sell like a billion of those
i should ask

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it has new delay
i guess we sell a ton of these little green multi delay pedals
so they prob just put that into reason
yeah echo box or something
chrome locked up
i bet it bitches about skype shitagain
yeah the reverb effect is sweet
the multi distortion is kind of weak
like, you can get mad tones out of it, but ive never really liked it

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they put record in it so now it does audio editing
yeah prob in the last couple days
oh hmm maybe not
In stores September 30th, 2011
release delays or delay effects
dayduh: ask for juarez much more get bant

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do not want
rab: so i think they took propellerhead record and smashed it up into reason
kind of want to troll work for legit copy

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happened to have the worst 2ch scope ever, had floppy slot, worst ui
bigass crt, was like atariscope
nasty vector waves
and it wont full screen either channel
and the wave display isnt full screen, theres like some status who knows bullshit on the other third or half
so you have these two narrow lanes of non-overlapping vector waves
rab: this thing had a jog
and keypads
and yeah UI was kind of eccentric
like every 80s piece of test gear or industrial control thing =\

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fuck all that thats for rich people
just buy more scopes
or logic probe
i hallucinated analyzer, anyway wtf logic probe is for rich people just twist an led and a resistor together
i needed a dso for something at exjob, and someone pops up with this 80s hp logic analyzer

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if you know that chip is working
well you need to reduce that
you sure you supply is okay?
is that the aeyoue thing?
we had it at exjob, works
ttmustang: make sure the rails are at 3.3v and 5v
i hate it when that happens
<3 scope

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like, both my lab jobs we had leftovers from assembly lines, you would have to bang them against the desk when they get stuck hot or cold
right its a lighter tip
theyre like maybe 4" long and they feel lighter than the 936 chisel tip
ttmustang: put it on a known working oscillator, heat it up with a heatgun or lighter, use cold spray on it
if it keeps going, its good
make sure youre looking on some buffered output or with a 10x probe
i dont see how that changes anything

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ada uses 600 for lead and 700 for rohs
that sounds frustrating
the tip has part of the feedback circuit, you change tips to change temps
like those fucked up magnetic tip wellers
also some of the metcal tips are fragile
maybe hollow or something
monkeyisl: have you used a hakko 936 or a weller wtcpt?
weller must have sold a billion of those things i see them everywhere
weller is fine new but eventually they will stick because regulation is mechanical

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goes up with current tho
is usually why they get hot
i think metcals use lasers with mirrors for feedback

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rab: im guessing the ESD safe irons are prob like 1M grounded, at least
but i dunno what kind of led would be attached to a voltage source big enough to light up through 1
whatever the box looks the same!
i was going to ask if it was a metcal

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google maps wont do road direction in korea?
its just giving me public transportation directions
right because everone has a nav
your gps nav stuff was better than our shit, bigger touch screens, not as expensive

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monkeyisl: are you in seoul?
i only went to seoul on night, i was working incheon
i though incheon was pretty cool, neat to see a lot of shops and factories, all full of people running around
maybe after youve powered shit up
incheon and seoul werent very far apart
felt like going from the valley to long beach, like across los angeles

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i guess i will let myself survive long enough for the halloween party
i missed last years because i was in korea or something
production support
did like 6 weeks last year

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15:49 < macegr> renesis could probably hack it
15:51 < macegr> yeah this guy says he lasted 3 years
haha doubt its worse than audio
had lunch with someone left the industry couple months ago, hes all like, smiling, and stuff
like, wat?!?!!?
maybe soon i wont have a job
rab: because the spreadsheet is lies!

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haha, headliner is a girl who mixes house/hardcore chiptunes from a pair of gameboy colors

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