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crossover is prob shit
the lower the impedance, the bigger the parts get
so thats where they would want to save costs
always but its more stuff
def more $$$
alpine has some cool dsp xover stuff in most of their heads
diff xover slopes with adjustabvle freq, few bands minimum of full parametric EQs
and delay for speaker alignment

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lots of diff surround technology
mostly because it affects the look and can be sold easily
its a marketing bullet point
spiders are always the same tech, material
the number and dimensions of the spider is what changes
thats the frame
and yeah cheap out on that and the whole thing rings, gonna do something stupid at some frequency
yeah i wont fuck with my volvo stereo
i dont have th time or extra cash
i might hack in an infinite basslink
easy to install and pull out
tuned sound, active, dont have to fuck around with boxes and mounting and thermal solutions
just throw one of those inside
seperate tweeters you might get weird comb filtering
coaxial is actually a decent setup for mounting mids and tweeters
wtf they run 1R?

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good speakers will still distort around 1%
bad speakers are worse, and most amps will operate under 1%, so under normal circumstances, even a good system, the drivers contribute most of the distortion until clipping
im pretty sure the reason no one notices amp distortion until its like 1% is thats about what speakers contribute at low levels
so by the time the amp is distorting, the speakers have been distorting, worse
oh fuck yeah
they go through a break in period, where parameters will change, some up to like 10%
on like, decent woofers
then like, they just slowly degrade
the soft parts like the surround and the spider
well yeah
the spider especially
it controbutes to the suspension more than the surround on most drivers
the surround is mostly for alignment of the cone through its ecursion
the spider is what gives the suspension is characteristic damping and spring force
its just some cloth dipped in glue
yeah thats the spider

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yeah 4 channels with 8 wires on each side, its not active
speaker leaven means the amp outputs
its just resistors
does the new headunits have RCA preamp outputs?
then yeah if the 2.5v isnt enough to get what you want from the bose amp, you need an active preamp in between
or you use the speaker outputs of the new headunits
and get one of those passive resistor networks
those probably swing like 12V at least, maybe more
you prob get better noise performance
maybe get better THD+N, could go either way
yeah i dunno what dirty 200w means
if its 200W 1% THD, it should be pretty good up to that point
unless its just got horrible fucked up high end
but its usually just some chipamps, performance shouldnt be that bad
well how do you know it doesnt sound good because of the speakers or just the car its in

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so youre pulling enough power that the amp actually works, but low enough you get the best possible THD+N
if the bose is worth anything itll have a pot or switches for lowering sensitivity
the oem headunit prob has enough to push the 4v inputs
you just need an opamp with like 6dB of gain
well, pair of amps
you can make it tho
4-channel car stereo speaker level converter
its prob just resistors and maybe a coupling cap

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for local decoupling
for power supplies and amps you basically need as much as it takes to keep your ripple voltage above active component dropout voltages
the more current, the more caps
like 100W power amps will have up to 10,000uF on each rails
and this is mass production audio, these guys are cheapasses
i am going to take a nap
you prob just need power resistors
speaker level inputs are usually like 100R power resistors

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didnt use an output cap?
or input cap?
and audio can be biased on a DC voltage for a lot of reasons
supply cap
dont be a bitch, properly decouple your supply

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there is a butan
is says it is pending approval
damn i hope they dont call me and shit
i know
i hate it when they ask questions tho its like, whatever yeah sure gimme free
timecop: http://www.st.com/internet/com/MULTIMEDIA_RESOURCES/IMAGE/WEB_BANNER/bouton_papillon_on.gif
lordpil is back?

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timecop already trolled us about this i think
nm, ordering
its free
it wasnt free before

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