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mems sensor, no?

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mfkr dan
they dont have heavy duty tubes for 24"

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my front tire is flat
need to buy a padded seat
so might as well get a front tire to match the back
this is like the second time, matve something stuck in it i cant find

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heh the key blocks the speedo
totally sounds like a badass lawnmower

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a cbr250
its like, tiny honda sportbike with 250cc single cyl motor
77 mpg, 3.4 gal tank
prob less than 77mpg with me on it, but prob still waaaay better than the volvo!
or any car

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oh shit maybe its $4500

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or one of those!
so gorgeous!
yeah you gotta get a stock sh manual
for reliability?
theyre fun to drive
dx^: i was thinking of a cbr250
dx^: they make an ABS cbr250 for $3500
atobe: too hot =(

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maybe i can go back to the volvo dealer and trade my 740 for a 240
throw him like $500-$800
he prob all surprised the transmission still going after two years
pretty sure thats why he was all like OKAY GOOD LUCK! as i drove away
its the same car 40,000 later
transmission has run low and gotten motorboaty prob a dozen times when i dont keep the transmission fluid up
i refill, its fine

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the blow for a 740 is in the console?
oh like near the stereo?
i thought you meant like, the armrest thing
because financed
heh, truck'd ^
remember this is los angeles so prob like 50% more jut because of that
if you had cash hed prob drop $1500 like whatever

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didnt neutrik have mini-xlr stuff on their website?
oh, switchcraft
hmm, i dont think i am getting along with them at the moment

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small contact area
theyre notiously problematic, its not a matter of if the contacts will fail, its when

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rab: what kind of smoker, what
like for smoking meat?
i dont know if this is for making meat tasty or a bong mod

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ok so last night i saw this imgur like, I STOPPED BEING MUSLIM SO MY FRIENDS MADE ME THIS
and its like, mac n cheese taco with woven bacon shell
and i was like OMG BACON and went to the store and came home and made it =\
omfg good
its just mac n cheese w/ bacon but inside out

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but ya, i think trying to explain to a culture from another planet why we base rules punishable by death based on invisible lines in dirt might be difficult
also terrorists and spys

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how are they not
yeah i was agreeing
anyway good politicians dont get shit done
i am =\
neat ^
rab: most of my fav chans pretty much run that way
#electronics has always been fucked

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hes an actual republican, which puts him at odds with the current bullshit conservative movement
ttmustang: yes?
neocons are kind of dead
now its just literal dumbasses
people catering to under educated and religious people
the people who dont fall in to those categories but who would never vote dem will vote party anyway

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mfkr actually understands the platform, hes not just bending over for power and money
i dont agree with him on womens rights but i respect his reasons
a hair?
he complains
he says that were fucking up and doing it wrong
hes screams how our whole money system is a scam and its fucking us
hes a dr and he doesnt want to kill babies when they can be saved
im not going to argue with that, dude is a good guy
i dont agree with the laws that would result from that but i get where hes coming from
hes the only repub brave enough to name mil spending as a spending problem
weboh: i dont even want to touch the issue
i dont even think men should be allowed to vote or legislate on that particular issue...

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i just pledged a donation to a repub candidate
i voted for ron paul in a presidential primary election
i had to register repub to do it
theyre all bitches sucking on the church and corporate tit
paul got the right idea hes the only real republican ive seen in my entire lifetime

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yeah i dont know if the timers catch the clock before or after the division
ttmustang: all fixed?
k np

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variation in interrupt entry times should be noticable with intervals that long
shouldnt be noticable, i rab'd

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yeah that should work
but you crush your available cpu time
unset clkdiv8 fuse, set ctc mode, make sure the interrupt mask is setup, make sure asynchronous clocking is disable, set prescaler to 1024, load 239 into compare reg, make sure global int is enabled
sei i think?
in asm, if youre getting interrupts at all, its set
it might be handled automatically, remember i dont do much c on avr
anyway you should be good

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that many cycles
thats div'd by 256
still more than 8b
((1 / 60) / (1 / 14.7456e6)) / 1 024 = 240
set the prescaler to 1024
make sure its in ctc mode
set the compare register to 239
why =(
thats for your core clock?'

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what are you trying to do with the timer?
ok sec
Clear Timer on Compare Match (CTC) Mode
you want to be in that mode
how fast is your clock?

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i guess both, sure
actually can you wait a bit
watch that
its triggering tho?
and if youre doing this in c, theres a lot of extra stuff the compiler will throw in during int handling
so if your intervals are short, the error from int handling could possibly be significant

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rab: this is like common tech joke down here
because porn in the valley
is one of the few pointless technical discussions where ungeek girls can be involved
lately bluetooth comes up a lot
so that thing is just a motor controller?
no feedback?
whats missing is like, temp/sound feedback, leds and displays, high power LEDs, alterntive UI
like, capacitive touch input could change the dildo market forever

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