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its a sim
theyll be fine

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doesnt look like itll do level conversion, doesnt even look like it has input resistors
that basically is my circuit
Pulse width <=300us limit repetition rate to comply with maximum junction temperature.
looks like itll do a watt average, maybe

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okay i dont know what youre asking
but i think its just talking about the transistor beta
at 10mA input itll sink/source 1.5A
at 500mA itll do 5A
enough to switch your fet

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oh look on page two they rip me off
they dont show the level conversion tho
anyway its a tiny cap chill the fuck out
its just not very important for the example
really doubt they will do that continous

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they all do that
thats what makes them spice apps
i really think those transistors will be ok
uh, yeah

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if its within the pulse capacity of the switch youre fine
gate capacitance
fet driver will prob work better
but wtf are you going to be doing at like 1MHz with a big fet?
well, okay
btw thats 10KHz

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Q1 and Q2, its class-b amp out, unbiased so no overlap in on times
Q1 is base is fed by R3when Q43 is on
Q2 base and R4 will be dead because the voltage will be on the wrong side of the base diode
like 70mA for a microsecond
its a cap
not rly
its more current over less time

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its a fet driver sheet
schematic is awhile ago
it makes Q1 and Q2 act more symmetrically
and keeps Q3 from eating up all the load
you can make c1 big to slow down the fet
helps with ringing in long cables or reactive loads or whatever
the transistors arent being used as switches theyre being used as followers

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hes making a mosfet
monkeyisl: why dont you use a logic fet?

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monkeyisl: .22 is not so bad
2 of those
one of those
like, 3 resistors, couple caps
could prob DNI one of the caps

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like $0.15 cheap?
you can do that with some .05 transistors
well fuck at qty 3K its almost free
you just do a class b driver with an NPN buffer
its like 5 hours away at 80mph
san jose
i might be in seattle around then, vacation
but i prob wont be thinking about that stuff

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fuck overnight for one cap
$45 cap
monkeyisl: ?
i dont know what that part is
you still draw your schematics like youre on drugs
you need to look at more old schematics
how much is that?

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panasonic FC is kind of industry standard low ESR
its not ridiculous low that its unreasonable
i think they go up to like 150V
oh you meant a distributor?
just use lots of parallel caps
if you cant find specs for local stuff

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for a lot of applications, i guess
and theyre hella cheap, but a power resistor, a zener and a pass transistor is way cheaper

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well hes married
maybe his wife has firm tits and doesnt need stick on bra cups!

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better cnc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm204mWVd6M
put it at 1:50
theres cnc there promise
okay not really but it does some weird synth shit img like OMFG MOAR and then it drops and i am like YES TY
heh killed it before the fourth BOMP
oh haha

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crossworks isnt one of the st hyped toolchains?
so theres four i can try, heh
iar, keil, something else
i didnt like iar
i did once, i dont think i even finished starting a project
i think mostly them emailing me a lot trying to help me pissed me off
and i think it was iar that called me on the telephone at work to ask me if i liked their shit

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nothing yet i just got that shit today
you havent tried it at all?

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thats neat
thats usually how my own functions end up
_unreal_: theyre really cheap
like, if you know bit of c and electronics, you might as well
fuck man acrobat broke my firefox
i dont even know how that shit got installed
stupid CAM app installer

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nice it has dedicated sys tick timer

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fuck gcc/yagarto/openocd
jezus fuck make some alias files already
blackmoon: ya basically
like i do anything with any register, im looking through datasheets to find exact hex addys
w t f
atmel had definitions for coding
openocd is the jtag interface, was a bitch to do anything with it

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its gimped
half of efnet is prob aliens
fucker can use the right encoding or gtfo, like all the other aliens

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will it works with the ST shit over usb?
neat thanks
yeah already there
no ide pics =O
ive used eclipse
i think i used it for sam7 stuff
fuckin up my console and shit

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guess ill try that
whats commercial license like?
i thought st had free shit for stm8
its free under 32K?
its from ST or theyre just sponsoring some shit?
i hate eclipse
k i remember reading that now
coocox is free?

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timecop: got my stm32 discovery
arent you rich?
cheap fuck, theyre $22
people say they were giving them away at ESC
people say they were giving them away at ESC
they have them at digikey, no?
ooo i see
yeah was approved and arrived in less than a week
i said it was for some usb triggered strobe project
hmm i dont think it does, sec
ya digikey sticker on the back of the static bag
timecop: which ide were you using?
whats the gimp if i dont crack it?
yeah but they have some sort of eval dont they?
thats it?

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looks like they are trying to match the active turn in current with the passive off current
iunno why
HA and HB are trying to blow up themselves and the source =\
wtf @ LA/LB in follower, just use PNP if its gotta be diff polarity

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