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so like you are asking stupid questions to make monkeyisl feel like he has a failbro
thats so cute!
do you just use 330 resistors for everything?
resistor is hot?
hurts your eyes?

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10us doesnt matter
your duty cycle matters
whats that mean
10uS every 20uS is a big deal
you use 1/2 of whatever on stage wattage it pulls, plus your safety margin
which in your case is prob like -20%, but whatever
yeah you can get away with 10% on state wattage, plus some extra for headroom
a lot of shit like that i will just double the wattage it pulls
because they derate when above 25C
have you tested that?

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we already know you can learn, its disturbing
or maybe you mean you can go 0-24 without hitting in between states
in which case stfu (!)
thats an ugly fet

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so like, when fets are on, they drop no voltage, and pass lots of current
zero voltage * zero current = zero watts
when fets are off, they use no current, and they drop all the voltage in the circuit
zero voltage * any current = zero watts
zero current * any voltage = zero watts
its only when theyre in between dropping all the voltage or no voltage
its the transistions
because you cant go from 0V to 24V without hitting every voltage in between
get it?
fuck up i dont know if you are trying to say that its too easy you already know it, or that you dont know it because its basic stuff

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new republicans make newt seem like ultra sane and logical
thats why you use fets
k so now that you learned ohms law, you have to think it, like all the time, forever

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haha perry is calling cain brutha
blackmoon: already said i would try case next time
and yeah the classic gun mod was cool except i dont think it had automatic shotgun
maybe not going to drum n bass, tired, could play if i dont

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you dont even get why mosfets are awesome
ideal mosfets dissapate zero power
well, as a switch on some sort of ideal load
big mosfets obviously arent ideal
monkeyisl: i dont know
haha maybe soon
new vegas is like 6mo old maybe
damn this year...
`nico: portishead was awesome

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timecop: tragic comedy

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what and just pray that it posts?
fb links has images!
gonna watch republican debate

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haha i expected drama
throttle your shit
i changed the bots if i knew how and cared enough
so its prob the best solution
*'d change
i'd change the bots etc etc

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uh guys
who cares

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