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wkr4k3rs retarded ramblings are why i dont want to get into rf

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blackmoon: halloween party starts in 20m
its like, semi-far

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_unreal_: is that shit broken?
sometimes those inductors break when you crack the cores
check the wire ends are unbroken on both sides
halloween is in like 20min

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barely touched it since the middle of the week
currently reading up on its audio codec headphone amp
reading an f4 datasheet, too

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sculptor: saturday!
2212A is a date code
its from the future
yeah, pretty standard for 4 digi date codes
year and month sometimes swapped
20:24 <@renesis> its from the future
there a company logo
google that and those p/n
if there is no company logo this is some kind of fakechip
sop8 isnt that small

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oxidized aluminum
the oxidized layer is the insulation between plates
look harder
anyway bbl

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put it right on top of the adc
and put a 0.01uF or 1000pF in parallel with the electrolytic
wtf at your interior fabric =\
the wiring looks pretty good
want to put bass into the failvo =\

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Today, my mother called me urgently from the kitchen. Thinking she was hurt, I ran to her as fast as possible. She threw a wet cloth at my head and ran away, laughing her face off. FML
this guys life must be awesome
if thats like the worst shit
maybe ditto, stop talking like patrick swayze
Today, my son got really high and shaved the dog with my electric shaver. Not only does the dog look really bad, I didn't know my son used drugs. I now have to buy the dog a sweater and get my son some help. FML
see thats fucked up

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ttmustang: sometimes i dont go to sleep until 6am, wtf
its timecops fault were getting pumper spam

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