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that seems expensive for a vacuum sealer

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and for future reference, a few pF dont do shit to anything

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monkeyisl: wat

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`nico: like what
i guess not

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also bare (quite popular local dubstep guy)
i think so
is going to be one of those nights where everyone i know is there but i dont see anyone because its so crowded

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pseudo LA?
but like
they did that
theyre redoing san andreas?
they had a blue g1 crx in that game
i would just steal that and drive around on the freeways
playing in me mode
dieselboy at respect next week =O

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damn you just burn tc
timecop: splain, kty

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sounds like mechanical engineering

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no one

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...or leaves you disabled and broken minded
im fucked i have no clean socks

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rab: but tamarindo jarritos
also yeah i drink iced tea 95% of the time
the tamarindos are moldy and full of bugs!

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