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your spacebar is fsckd
wtf is a 2600k
prob talking to reza
its pointless to know about computers until the week before you are buying or building one

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i think timecop and ttmustang are you #1 project allies
wait youre not doing catserver, nm about ttmustang

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so you want a cat-trojan

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hey man i dont manage their accountants i dont care how it goes down
they get advertising
besides their logo or name in an end user manual, they get the link from ST
didnt see those, just used the st doc and started fucking around
i can build, emulate, and step through code w/ opcode displayed
shit if this is all it could do id prob be happy
im kind of worried about the thousand other buttons and checkboxes im not using
some of those are probably important

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i dont think its gimped besides advanced features i will prob never use
shit i dont know what most of this shit means
i dont think there is a flash size limit
oh one code breakpoint
thats prob annoying sometimes
well thats what seems to be the big difference between pro/demo and lite
debugger features
i dont see them
it has a splash that lingers for maybe 3 seconds at startup
as far as i can tell its just a startup splash
what do they mean by jtag probes
dude its free
value = infiniti

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oh god you are going to use openocd and eclipse or some shit?
free toolchains are why i pretty much abandoned fucking with the sam7 stuff
the atollic thing i like followed two steps in an ST doc after installing, and im debugging code on the stm32f4 discovery
what happened

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rab: if you are talking about fx88, i think it is
there is something in the manual about it, sec
like you have to open it up and move a wire i think
hmm thats fucked
manual has a 120v and a 220-240v in a parts table with two diff part numbers listed

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my EE buddy at work just got an fx888
loves it, says it warms up and responds noticably faster than his 936
so yeah, industry best value for irons (indisputably, imo) is now even more awesome

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oh you have them in tubes?
get ducts the size of the tubes, and run them into a box with some 120mm fans
thats prob ok itll just be loud, wont push so much air
you have 24v?
just get some 12V zeners
or wire two in series
heh, cool
looks like your plug is kind of in the way tho?
yeah if you need them to be weather proofed i would do ducts, and put all the fans in some box with like covers and filters over the intake

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well your device might not be very hot
that is the other reason
or your heatsink works so well, it dissipating heat faster than its being generated
which means its perfect
need more information
you have a temp probe
yeah theyre good to over 100C i think
and their max ratings are basically derived from the thermal max specs
its an emitter on a star?
try and get the star versus heatsink temp
right then its working
or the LED isnt reflowed right, flat onto the star
yeah i have a bunch
woah nice
you can always use fans
theyre loud
i think its still visual [stuff]

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ive done it in OO and ms office, theyre both similar
hmm =\
ya that was going to be my next suggestion but i thought i would stfu because its trollish
i have embedded c compilers
you can rs232 it to a microcontroller, have it parse the files, spit it back
emulator is kind of neat
well like, running shit on target
hmm i should see if zsnes and win7 play well
i know
the uC people and console emulator peoples needed to sort that

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09:04 < lordcyrix> you'd think a heatsink that isnt working would be hot?
09:04 < lordcyrix> you'd think a heatsink that isnt working would be hot?
sorry right click doubles
if its working it gets hot
if it doesnt get hot but your mounted device is hot, you have shit thermal transfer
you should be able to work out the math for temps at a given power level, and it should be pretty close
use import and somewhere there will be options about how to divide up the data
uncheck that one!

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