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i like the gobama still
i want him to win again so he can get real nuts
this congress couldnt impeach hitler
we need to send soldiers to mars and drill for wind and shit
they kind of do drill for wind in that
kk bye

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shes brown for real so im basically white to her
no white people know im not white
i needs the sleep

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i think they open at 10 so probably

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WEEKEND \o/\o/\/o\o/\/o/o/\\o\/o/o/o\/o\/
omg i have a huge crush on new bartender girl by work
she says i should come in sunday morning they have like a breakfast thing
she is like, brown and little and happy with a perfect ass and slightly huge tits
maybe she doesnt have a bf!
i am me so surely she has three

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nice 1000W dog turd
teknique: at exjob i made a load with four of those

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`nico: trolling for promotion
so yeah, i should prob go to work today

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are those mount holes?
pretty neat
screw holes should be farther from traces and the chp resistors should be farther apart
you derate them even more like that (as theyre already way above 25C in that app), ones working temp becomes the other ones ambient temp
so if its like, 1/4W rated, it might just be 1/10W how youre running them
oh is he gone completely?
i like the M

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