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if your a hipster you listen to dubstep
but not decent, hard, heavy dubstep
you have to listen to that liquid, sunday morning sounding shit
that was college girl mainstream like 10 years ago
i like normal hardcore
for about 10 minutes

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but yeah all the regs (bouncer let us bypass said line) was blown away by the turnout
it might have been bare
him and dieselboy play a lot together now, local guy been around forever, produces dubstep, guy is mad popular
i dunno how he remembers to open his mouth like that in every picture

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`nico: omg did i mention dieselboy last week?
`nico: we showed up early (~10) and there was a line around the block
and after they filled the place, i was told there was still a line around the block
yeah actually
kinda of his new fuckit i play what i want style
so mostly dnb but some dubstep and tech house
but yeah technically it was a good set (and ive seen him trainwreck plenty of live sets)
(he'll look bored while doing it too, its frustrating)

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