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damn why they gotta do this tonight
i gotta go sleep

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i have the volume down im listening to scanner stuff

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fuck that building

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they got drum circles
theyre unstoppable.
shes got a trashbag on her heads

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stream got stuck
while he was in front of the police station

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those are my cops =(
macegr: i drove by there a couple nights ago
they dont seem to be leaving

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occupy LA officially evicted
cops just showed up

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omfg is that boxxy!?

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macegr: neat
flying mushrooms ftw
same thing

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guys i feel like i am missing some clothes

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no promotion for courage wolf!
they all say that
i think its awesome
if you already know what you want

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whats the I_f max for the led?
red #1
marketing people will tell you red is bad because user will think something is wrong
well fuck them and fuck that user, real users will learn

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it wont be spec'd as r_on
its saturation voltage
and that and vbe will prob be in plots
yeah what rab said pls calculate again
at what test condition \
what rab said again

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looks fine
Vbe is a diode drop

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you can use solvents to fuse acrylic and polycarbonate
dunno how well they glue

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prob abs
maybe polycarbonate if its thin
think so

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whatever you dont got to be playing with your meat
voltage reference
wont work
dropout too high
you need an LDO

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ttmustang: solder, heatshrink, hot glue

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to light an led?
not way less
why do you think way less
use a 2n4401 as a switch on the io expander pin

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steve jobs invented the word camera
guys i have 9 loads worth of quarters, but prob only like 5 loads of detergent
=( =( =(
target has the big bottle of concentrated detergent

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thats not so much what i meant

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because it will be paid back in another life
likewise,you can be bad you entire life, and only have good things happen to you
right but karma teaches you not to expect what you put in
that you have to be good just to be good
not for personal benefit
because it may never happen
anyway it is a trick
i like it tho
it is an honest trick
god is indifferent

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move to california
when considered over a single lifetime
so basically, karma means you dont get it back
that you can do good all your life
and never reap any benefit
at all
karma is a trick!
it does
considered over a single lifetime
and reincarnation, which is also central to buddhism
karma means you dont get what you puy in back
that you may be positive you entire life, and never have anything positive happen to you, ever

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login to view price

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work sucks?
dx^: should i go back to school
ya i <3 it

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dx^: heh
cats = awesome

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wow nice attitude

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yeah he was weird
why do they think you dl the cp?
turn hide file extensions off
blackmoon: hahahaha!
thats when i checked out
4ch will support
but the price is your life

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fuck killdozer
killdozer just causes war and suffering
killdozer is just a north african myth
right because the killdozer book says so
just like it says killdozer drives around on water

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