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im in LA
i had to drive up the 5 to valencia, going over the hill wind was like trying to flip over my volvo

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want two, sealed box with a stupid low Q so i can get deeper with less EQ boost
i kind of want my thumb trackball back
is it like mighty mouse?
that thing is a retarded art project
oh its actually touch
ok bbl werq
oh its wireless
if that shit is more than $20 its not worth it
its apple so its prob $300

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about to start it
i got m-audio 5" ref monitors for 50% off!
i think someone fat fingered that shit, got confused about them being a pair
theyre alright
danielson: when i talked to you about it i was listening to them
macegr: theyre warmer than i thought, so i like them, but maybe means theyre not so accurate
theyre usually biamps
so yeah theyre just better
passive xovers are the devil
i need a sub now tho
i kinda needed one before but now i def need one
theyre black with blue leds
i want to change them to red

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rab: http://www.guitarcenter.com/M-Audio-Studiophile-BX5a-Deluxe-Active-Monitors-104837133-i1406020.gc
they changed it back
or fixed it

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