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haha i know i guy used to work for them running a setup shop
funny stories about when the japanese owner would come and chew them out
hed be all yelling in japanese, and his little secretary voice would politely translate it, with swearing and messed up comments
er, little secretary girl
and theyd couldnt help laughing and he would be all like THIS IS NOT FUNNY through the girl

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they make them from entry level $150 bullshit up to $10K+ american custom models
build quality has nothing to do with the model, and theyre for two diff type of people
haha yeah, real guitar mfkrs prob more into sgs and teles

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les pauls sell more than any other model of guitar
personally i think they look like an old mans guitar
for looks and controls im def more into SSS pickup strats
not like i can play shit, tho
i pretty much fuck with them like i do my bass
which is like, basically just fucking around with the e string all day
google gibson sg
anyway, stats and les pauls arent one guitar really

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theyre different
each is basically iconic and opposing in style, one cant be better than the other

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guys guys
gibson ate exjob
maybe it only works like that
do you follow audio manufacturing?

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