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haha @ to-92 = tiny tiny

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seriously just use an opto triac and a resistor
and switch cycles

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yeah i want to work on that stuff more
i did an DDS wavetable with ADSR synth on an avr, used an 8b r2r dac into an opamp
should really look around for that code
did it on stk500, sucked because i didnt have enough notes with just the 8 buttons\
oh i missed the soft part
yeah i have a dual atom mobo, nice system
they need to make mobo with balanced output
i dont know anything about coding with gui, tho
ill do the balanced output part
you can do the mobo part

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dx^: neat @ engaged
use an opto-triac?

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wtf @ glass
thing prob rings horribly, no damping material and no bracing

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its more than $30k and i dont want that thing

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check chevy site, see nothing good

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wow barefoot UI seems eccentric
has kill switches for each of the triamps
yeah micromains are sweet
normal monitors are almost always ass for low end
studio reference speakers

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you have to squash them a little
i also had plugs with non-split sleeves that wont push onto most RCA jacks
theyre usually expensive hifi stuff
other awesome hifi RCA cable stuff: seen gnd and signal using balanced mic cable
shield floats on both sides

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might work
might work, its only 16 mils diff
depends on the barrel plug
thats what he said
want to hear them
tech itch has a pair
i have the exact opposite happen with RCA jacks
i have the exact opposite happen with RCA jacks
the sleeve was so concentric with the pin on the plug, when you push them on the grounds dont makre contact
neutrik RCA plugs (i think theyre sold as Rean, now)

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mouser is better for discrete components
digikey is sometimes better for IC stuff

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itll be expensive from there
check Fry's
well stop that
and no one eats breakfast

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kynar insulated wire - ultrapro
but anything will probably work
defer, i think
i need to take shower and go werq
you eat out?
is your kitchen messy?
clean it, if you want to cook
when my kitchen is messy i pretty much just stick to the toaster oven
the coating makes it easier to solder and keeps it from corroding
its just tinned wire, prob decent stuff

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