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that usually ends up as dissapointment and a bench psu thrown into a cabinet

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haha that sounds fun

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its like $10 worth of gear its expendable

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and i dont listen to anything on a regular basis
except the obvious
i can be, it surprises the people at work
like, yeah i listened to rock music for almost 20 years before the whole everyday junglist thing
the stick has a propeller?
or its just a reciever without any hooked up io
thats the way to go
flat black balloons

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drumstep on the latest fabio and grooverider
they get all abusive with double and quadruple kickdrum now
i dont know who that is

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heh @ massives with drone security
i wonder what heavy bass does to them
yeah thats not exactly low profile

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billie holliday was a junglist

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do you smoke american spirits and drink pabst yet?
hey 30s jazz isnt hipster
yeah thats neat

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yeah i can do thise
doubt it
i maybe already have the Al
i cant do shit until the weekend
no idea

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oh nice
it redid the step file with solidworks steps
wow its opening multiple solidworks
instead of opening the file in the open instance

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its thinking
its just one part?
oh i guess its top
it seems a bit retarded at step

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timecop: send oh its an engraver
oh its an engraver
timecop: send the solidworks files
can mastercam it see how long itll take
dubstep lineup
well except friction
timecop: fucker you have 2011
i cant open that shit

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`nico: !
fabio and grooverider are out
skream, benga, and friction are in
heh i seen them all recently
do what?
how big is it
the hard part is those holes on the ends
tho a $5k machine wont do those any better
yeah i can do that
how are you going to make the holes in the end?
nm its not that big
you do them first
what tolerances
yeah i can do that shit
okay not really

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my friend has one of those
he likes it

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how else do you do it?

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dont have time meeting in 20 minutes bai

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rab: oh yeah, bx5a limiters are approved
aggressive as fuck, so protective and itds obvious when they working even without a clip light
which is more awesome than the set the limiter threshhold so high its impossible to turn it on method

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you mistaken, or it was EMI
i only read the last line, tho

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