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any scope is fine
use a 10x probe
mains power is so slow you can almost see it with your bare eyes

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like you might see the steps?
you mean modified sine?
you could have mentioned this was for looking at inverter output
yeah thats a normal mod sine wave
a lot of new gear with switching PSU dont care
they rectify it to DC anyway
stuff with linear power supplies might act funny
get a sine inverter for inductive loads
motors could spaz out on the mod sine stuff
more likely they wont run as efficient

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fuck rules
theyre invisible theyre not real
human construct
its relative
neat fft of the low end audio
needs more Y axis tho
its way smoothed
scope doesnt even know what a sine wave is
it just displays what you feed it

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ow much more likely are they to be poor
its money
there are more poor black people
they live in poor areas
they commit more crime
if you could split fat bastard rednecks into their own demographic theyd prob be as bad
youre missing the point
what percentage of black people are below the poverty line
desperate people will commit more crime
and education will be less effective

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6.0.1 ftw
its actually industrial espionage from dicktrace
eagle is fine but now their release is ruined

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fuck kicad and geda
deftones fucks me up now
poor chi =(

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its boutique stuff
followed the trace coming form the tube

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Drag a component and its designator follows along. Set a component's coordinates and the designator is left in the dust. Altium sucks.
heh, sucks
oh god that shit sells for bank

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im a punk i just talk shit about other peoples music
if you want to pay me money i can make music
blackmoon: random instances of fucking amazing
the reverb on that thing sounds okay
i want to sample my guitar and bass and play them with my computer
then i only have to make it sound cool once!
a decent recorder and a mic is good for making samples?
i dont understand how this conversation got here

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(we distribute and market for propellerhead)
i think its like $160
sculptor: that thing looks neat
well, actually its kind of ugly
but functionally it seems awesome
yeah thats the cool part
tons of synth heads at work
pretty much the same as the cakewalk thing with less controls?
and a synth
that sucks
i dont make music

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guys i want an mpc1000
pls buy
anal0g: obviously
anal0g: you realize im more likely to take it apart than use it for making music, right?
but yeah i have an akai mini controller thing
2 octave keyboard, 8 pads, 8 pots
omfg the pads are kinda fun
because im so bad at remembering which keys i want to hit
eliminating notes i dont use helps
mkp mini i think
pretty neat for the money
the velocity on the keys and pads works ok
i dont like the knobs on the pots, theyre too low profile
and i dont like the midi reconfig driver app
but i never like those things, so really im pretty happy with it
theyre like $70 i think?
but yeah im going to get something has at least 4x4 pads
yeah theyre a bit of latency
but thats pretty much everything usb
i need to get reason 6
i might just buy a legit copy from work

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who is cooking pepsi on a spoon?
16:13 < macegr> and solenoids to press buttons
have wireless modules on the outside to mechanically operate a normal camera inside
pot it
just turn it into a brick
anal0g: thats what she gets for sticking her face in the stippers butt

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the most complex system must be able to be operated by a retarded blind baby
the solution is to make all controls happen through one button
one button that turns the camera on, off, and also naps pictures and zooms
this will make everyone buy it
the other extreme can be retarded to
honestly if your UI is sane, an encoder and two buttons should be enough
or 4 buttons
test gear UI are usually awesome compared to commercial stuff

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yeah then everything got more complicated
mechanical issues are prob the biggest issues with electronic products
mechanical is the enemy
its always the ME's fault
but you can always fix it in software
so whatever, ship it
reprogram them in the warehouse!
v1.02.09a will make it waterproof
hall effect is good for bridging isolation
so now you just have to figure out how to mount the thumbwheel without a screw going through the body
you will do a screw through the button from the outside, but then the product managers will cry
no one will buy our shit because people cant know we use screws to fasten parts
we have to use snaps and glue like pros
thatll prob feel like shit in 3 months
you need slide goo
waterproof slide glue
then the project managers will be like WHAT IS THIS GOO ON MY FINGERS NO ONE WILL BUY OUR STUFF IF IT HAS GOO
then we can go public
then we can sell out and buy #electronic
and start it all over again

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this shit isnt complicated if you remove mechanical interfaces
its $$$
piezo is wonky
itll work when it wants
low end cameras are usually simple mechanical things
if 5% of them fail and hit customer service, fuckit whatever
you just made profit on 95% and kept a department in jobs
you are a hero
fuck spending $1.50 on making it reliably waterproof
piezos are fucked for input unless you are sensing sledgehammers
yeah you wont be able to make it work with your finger but shit will go off everytime someone closes their car door
too mechanical
if you go with moving parts just use a membrake overmolded into the plastic chassis, with glue to reinforce the inside seams
and use a fucking $.15 tactile

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heatstakes, epoxy, mechanically
why cant steel be glued?
its glue, its usually just mechanical
except fusing plastics with solvents
they can
you dont want to pay for it
no one does
so they kept making them cheaper
until all of them were pieces of shit
but since everyone is competitive, its okay that they suck
you cant better one for the price so they dont have to improve
so they will continue to cut costs as they have proven people will buy them even tho they dont really work
welcome to america
where all your shit is crap
because you demand it
its doable, you wont pay for it
engineering is about making shit cheaper now
not better
capacitive based on membranes would work
where its not based on human capacity
you could even do carbon and a gap
with a mambrane cover

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did you finish all of those lines
waterproof shit is hard
with moving assembly that bridge the seal
mosly goo bearing seals
thats for watches
those are supposed to be really good
someone in #cars ran over their gopro with something
car i think
still worked, was vid of it happening
submarines have a $1B budget

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make it out of wood and ferrite
youll save money on tooling
okay not really
youll spend more on tooling all the plastic bits than if you had just made the whole fucking thing out of plastic
with kickstands
and a handle that is also a kickstand

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you have no debt you have no money
anarchy is an awresome solution, except anarchists would likely ruin it for everyone else
just accept that it will always be fucked
and try and make it better for the people that you know

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because by law theyre psychotic greedy people
revolutions means blood
ideally its prob better if things slowly crumble
gradully change
much better for infrastructure
revolution is just the easy fix
well you kind of just have to accept banks and corps as government now
look the only difference is lines in the dirt
governments are a silly concept too
youre just used to that silly concept
anyway, its too late
corporate money has already won
governments are largely a smokescreen
burning it all down wouldnt even help
they would benefit from that too
no it wouldnt
its an awesome fantasy though
they would just kill 30 or 40 fight club members
and strife within fight clubs over how to react would tear apoart the movement
you dont think they have off site backup
and redundant systems

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damn i totally left my weed in the automobile
14:39 < macegr> someone on reddit wondered why all our congressmen are lawyers. lawyers are professional arguers, they will never come to reasonable compromise
because their job is to make laws
since before they just wasted time not making laws
ron paul isnt pro choice
hes not federally pro life
but he means raped chicks in the south havr to deal with hellbabies
besides that im down with the guy
except voting for him if you want things to go well is a mistake because
a) he wont get backing from either side of congress. he will get absolutely nothing done, no change
b) if he succeeds in any small way, they will kill him.
i vote for him in republican primaries, but i almost couldnt for a presidential election
i like the dude to much
blackmoon: eh?
anyway, paul for president = dead paul
it makes too much sense
you abolish all coperate personal entity laws first
you have to do that before anything changes
corporations are not people
and we need to stop pretending they are

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they only get worse...
2 year olds can barely think

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you dont sound like you enjoy this kid very much
maybe you should give it back
or stop bitching, because he/she/it probably picks up on that
avrfreak was here yesterday?
ha that thing has selectable 50R impedance
avrfreak prob burnt it

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sculptor: neat
also, friday!

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