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holy fuck

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then youre right

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`nico: haha i didnt think about that
but yeah at someones holiday party, they kept offering coke i was like no becaus i thought it was diet
but ya they prob killed a few diabetics
coke. the new cigarettes.

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this has been hapenning since i was like 23 =\
i think it might be from bike riding
or bouncing around to music for 6-8 hours at music festivals
was doing both a lot when this started
im only 31!
no u do!
and yeah i should lose like 30 lbs
how about i just smoke weed everyday and call you in the morning
what does it do

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wow holy fuck omg
my hip just cracked like one of my knuckles
that hurt yo!
rly, rly dont think this is a lower back issue
usually the doctors that say that are the ones that throw valium and vicodin at me

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its some sort of ultra fine magnet wire, clear enamel
oh he builds it

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dx^: ya
i dont think its lower back sciatica issue
where its pinching in my back that sends phantom pain from my hip

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timecop_: thats so lope
and i need to build some hack shit like that, i have all these little SLA batteries, dunno if theyre worth keeping
timecop_: haha @ that not being a joke
im not sure i even want to know details
well theyre not rattling
wtf are LDO controllers
yeah neat huh

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`nico: status of construction of mechanical hip assembly with sciatic nerve strain relief
also, still around this weekend?

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omfg siatica

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