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dx^: i appoint you expert of southern hiphop
find my some dirty droning bass shit
southern hiphop has jungle bass
also the beats are slightly triphoppy

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where is the dhct thing?
because i have the 601 thing
also another download that ended being 601 + a note to help some guy named saud out
yeah so i just buy ignition key at work, i guess
or bribe someone for even more discount \
has record now, so i guess its worth it
going to install the demo i guess

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i want cornflakes

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hes a pumper

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on the interweb
if you keep talking about warez youre going to be bant
not you, unreal
you say sonic and i just think of the pumper sonic
hes local
or was
if hes still alive
that apartment is so SFV
ive lived in 3 places exactly like that inside

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but just one product per product category per year
heh with a little passwd file?
damn thats actually not abad idea
i wonder if anyones done something like that with RFID keys
that would be awesome for a fleet of company vehiclezx
walk up to any car, it sets itself up for you

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but yeah now it can record and deal with audio streams, so basically all its missing is vst hosting
taig is built onto a pair of iron square tubes
oh then the review i read got an early copy
timecop_: it has a hardware dongle
ignition key
i can get employee pricing

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if my car weighed 50k lbs, i wouldnt drive it onto the middle of a plate of iron like that
just sayin
fuckit im going to buy reason 6
timecop_: status of juarez reason aquisition
cast iron crumbles
its heavy thats its biggest benefit
which actually sucks for just about everything except machine beds
uh reason 6
are you in 2009 or what
6 has record integrated
and i think middle of last year
i can get it for like $160
because i work for them, basically =\

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it only works with lasers

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yeah shit like that is why it makes me sad to throw printers away
haha comment [Comment removed by the Democratic People's Republic of. Korea]

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haha wat
you know they do that shit in a building across from my work
i think front desk girl comes fromthere
horror fate tools
they have a corp building by work
pm is probably fine
we can do lunch then go werq
so what you gonna do with all that z
ha neat

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perfect for rectified mains
they only go one way?

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