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i got 'kerry xmas' text from unknown number that googles back to this person
im going to text back who are you

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you need a program that can generate toolpaths based on 2d and 3d CAD files, and then simulate it
add a computer with a parport and thats pretty much turnkey
better drivers and steppers than when i bought from this guy

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its a cnc, gcode, rs274
same shit in your gerbers
more z info, tools instead of appertures
gerber spec is rs274-d and rs274-x, theyre subsets of cnc programming language
generate the code by hand or with cam apps, depending on part complexity
i use emc2, they dev on ubuntu, realtime patched linux
the windows shit is a joke
the dos shit is dos
for CAM, i usually use solidworks <-> mastercam
wtf is cammaster
mastercam is pretty much industry standard
i think thats for gerbers

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that shit will thermal in 30min at 200w?
200W is like 1/4hp, not so bad
monkeyisl: as far as i know there are only 3 microcnc mills to consider for under maybe $3k
taig, sherline, and maxnc
i can personally recomment the taig, i dont really like the sherline, and ive heard okay things about maxnc
shouldnt matter with cnc so much
Continuous operation which exceeds 30 min. can cause a motor failure, etc.
Even on & off at 1 to 2 minute intervals is considered continuous.
monkeyisl: basically that warning means its a toy
my shit has run for days
constant duty
its a fucking cnc machine, i tell it go, i take a nap, i wake up to a pile of aluminum chips with my part underneath
i think jet is the china mill everyone gets and some convert?

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wtf mm
its got a 4.5 x 5.5 envelope
its kinda silly even compared to my machine
how cheap?
in usd
real money
and youll spend like another $1000 on converting to CNC
another $500 on tooling just for like a starter kit
just buy a taig
only goes 6000rpm
wtf is 30m rated time

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shit incheon and seoul are right next to each other and the rest of the country is all empty
you can just put new cities right next to the blown up one itll barely be any different
i just moved it to my friends garage!
is a bench top cnc
its 80 lbs, its real
its not a machine center
itll do .001 over short distances
its not home built plywood shit

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temp sensor feedback, LED open indicator, fuse blown indicator, ambient light detector feedback
yes if youre macegr
you could have each led send all its data to individual twitter accounts
and than make an ipad app that consumes all the twitter data
and processes it into charts and graphs with shadows and shit
im not on guitars next year
look monkeyisl, maybe you will die
the world will be fine
you could blow up half of the surface of the world and it will be fine
a tiny fraction of korea being blown up isnt the end of the world

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and my cousin gave me a giant bar of chocolate
but i left it at dinner
/me shrug
not like i got anything for anyone
have to go buy flowers for my mom

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monkeyisl: you cant think of reasons for bidirectional communication?
in your application?
temp sensor feedback, LED open indicator, fuse blown indicator, ambient light detector feedback
i dont play kbd i just play with it
anything with velocity is pretty much a real instrument, takes effort/practice to be consistent
i think my grandma forgot to put the check in the envelope

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