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guys i dont read japanese what machine made that

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actually there is a guy in the valley im supposed to find, likes doing proto/short run
because it would be slooooo
monkey is now an embedded engineer
you code now
you have no choice
they know

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monkeyisl: 1 hour leadtime
beat that
wake up, layout a circuit, throw a pcb fixture on the mill, cam shit out, machining by lunch
watch a movie
turn off machine, brush off pcb, assemble stuff on to it
you can maybe etch as fast
but the drills and routing are a problem
ill just buy from a chinapcb mostly, now
but ive wanted shit right now its like, FUCKIT TO THE MACHINE THING!
were a thinky country
were not a worky, maky country
we dont have so many PCB places

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i am on valium and brownies and digikey search is like atari easy
digikey lets you sort by price now

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yeah dunno what you want
i just think those switches are neat
thats pimp
i want that
they have pics now on the search results
this is easy are you drunk

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macegr: resistive divider = pwm controller bootstrap!
tho i guess i would just confuse the situation even more
if i mentioned
they have like 100K of these in stock
two position

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you feel when it switched, tactile feedback, press-click
ui button
sec ill look in an old order...
digikey weborder history only goes back 2 years

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i can that with a dremel
with google eyes and lasers
isnt it through hole?
you can do that shit .012" space trace
snap switch
prob momentary, doesnt say latching

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that guy is way smarter than me i dont understand *anything* he just wrote
maybe he means my like he is the CEO
is the link
if its 'his' company, hes prob some manager guy and isnt supposed to know stuff

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i want to go there
figuratively speaking there are ten billion
you want something affordable and pretty reliable, rugged?

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its like 1/2" high
macegr: are your fdm tool holders still working?
those were neat
cnc glue gun, rapid proto machine
man fuck amphenol
tho yeah their bigass modular connectors are sweet
they suck at combo jacks
#1 BOM ever
you need to like frame that shit

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reza: what do you mean
like that?
oh just dc?
sec i <3 these...
10M pot
reza: what like a slide switch?

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i esd zap myself all the time people are like OMG DOES IT HURT
like wtf its 300pf
to the eyeball
yeah those contact discharge tips are pointy =\
haha so we have forward conversion smps, with two bigass caps, like 500v 850uf or something
so they have uninsulated vents on top and i trying to figure out why the PSU buzzes
ya you kinda lose a half second when you press on those to see if they are buzzing

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i told you ive never done this
theres different algorithms on the net for pretty much every language
if you give a shit get a DSP text book
it actually kind of makes sense, not quite so magical
otherwise just copy some example code or find some library
damn if we show you elmchan youll be gone for a week
theres prob 100 libraries available
figure out what toolchain you want to use and then figure out what library to use

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pwm output wtf
like, class D amps after an EQ section?
god i wish you had just say 'yes.'
okay split that out into two projects
if youre making production quantity, just buy modules from hypex or ice power
pro shit
well then just fft it
and ive never done it
preamp -> adc -> fft -> ??? (peak effects and averaging) -> led ram array -> spit to gpio
bit bang the pwm
run in a timered mainloop

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i think the brownie is working
why dont you tell us what you want to do with it
so we dont just fucking troll you
macegr: neeeat
for audio?
buffered RLC circuits are common
well for it to sound 'musical'
like, you want a buffered output
then split the signal into RLC filters in parallel
then you go into a mixer
you want to make a graphic eq?
say yes so i can keep going
i just took 4mg of valium and ate an irresponsible amount of this ridiculous pot brownie
well, i ate it all

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