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nice weasel

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my junglist friends are going to hauwz
so i hang out with normals or go to dnb find casual dnb friendlies
im probaably going to go to dnb
because they will have a better sound system than the normals
no u!

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i think was the last time
i kind of wan that scope

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light ones
aluminum, shallow cuts, if you get speeds and feeds right
wood will prob be about the same performance
wont do anything but engrave steel
acrylic will be about the same as aluminum
but even more sensitive in regard to cutting speed

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my bike doesnt go 40mph like yours
well unless im going down hills
no i finished my bmx cruiser thing
i would take all litte streets with sidewalks
im not a bike asshole like rockshox i dont pretend im a car
cops wont do shit here

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In addition, all trains and the Orange Line will run through the night.
this means i can get smashed and take the train and busses home
this must be a trap
haha and then i can AAA Tipsy Tow my car from the orange line parking lot to my home
i could ride my bike to the orange line!
damn hollywood with a bike tonight might be so awesome i end up in jail or a hospital
you can but you have to get caught!

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but yeah, aluminum is going to be rough on that machine
harder woods might be rough on that machine
you have no mass and not much rigidity, you might have major resonance issues too
theres something in the wood that burns up and raises cutting temps
its way harder on tools that you would assume just by its density
no theres something else that burns up
so yeah in summary
theres a lot of reasons why it sucks to cut wood
power tools for woodwork arent precision
its prob like cutting aluminum too fast but with enough coolant it doesnt weld
i have a broken button on my monitor
it pops up the brightness menu and turns brightness all the way up
i guess thats less annoying than if it turned brightness or sharpness all the way down
anyway, fuckin samsung =(
need some canned air

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i just moved my 100lb cnc to a friends garage, heh
aluminum is fine, if you hit speed/feed right you can go pretty deep with the 3/8" cutter
steel is pushing it, the rigidity isnt there
no deep as in like maybe .25 but prob more like .15
i think it ends up being around 10ipm for the chip size i want
yeah its enough for aluminum
tools arent going to last nearly as long as a real mill
his wont do steel ever
maybe engraving, but not any real amount of removal
if flatness and z height can be maintained, it might be a good angraver
itll rock at foam
people make money off that btw, no bullshit

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damn reza is like hard liquor resource
i have agave nectar!
goes that mean its broken
oh no shit it uses two bearings on the bottom
dunno how well those bearings will do loaded at an angle like that
tekrad: listen to reza!
he seems to know a lot about this

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instead of just shaving snow off big ice cubes

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its possibly though, but active rectification and regulation on the secondary side are drama
lamps are high enough voltage, i dont think diode drops matter (if they actually need dc, i think they do), and theyre a consistent enough load that theyre prob not regulated
other than maybe something for overvoltage detection
yeah thats not even electronics, thats electrical
parts are as big as your face
i just mean the kind of current they deal with, its all goofy industrial size parts
its not like, grid power transmission big, but its like the first step towards that
tekrad: kinda slow medium speeds?
too fast and like, it kinda shaves the ice cubes and you end up with like, snow and ice balls
you can put the ice in freezer bags and hit them with a hammer
or just slam the bags onto the counter
you just need to get the pieces small enough it actually crushes the ice up

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reza: thats fine, just make the connector
whatr for a synchronous rectifier?
the point of forward conversion is switching at a convenient voltage and converting to any voltage
if they are converting to DC with a synchronous rectifier on the secondary side of the forward conversion transformer, then that maybe justifies igbt
but if its just ac or a diode bridge, its prob just fets on the primary side, switching 170 or 340 vdc
switching the secondary side is drama, its not done unless there is a reason
the higher the voltages, the less likely because diode drops become less of a hit to efficiency

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yeah fuck smd connectors
fpc is okay
anything external, fuck that
theyre cheaper
anything thats external, do through hole
the only smd connectors i havent seen issues with are flex cable connectors
and with those, enough force to fuck the connector will eat the cable
doesnt one of them eat both types
those plugs are pretty pussy tho
who cares about 3d models
are you using solidworks?
doesnt seem hard to make a box with pins from scratch
so it should be easy to find the right one

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