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how do you un autopay
guess thats why youre on the phone
hope its sorted
you might need to sign and fax a statement before they do anything
usually you do before theyll finalize anything
im pretty sure my bank had reversed shit tenatively tho
yeah definitely
i dont think youre liable for the shit after you notified them at all
doesnt matter you could have called someone to do it for you
i know you didnt but thats going to be the investigation peoples response if you throw that at them as hard proof
youve done supply chain stuff with that card?
or all thats paypal'd
could be that stuff too then

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that sucks

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use pot everyday
k work later

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like i have old desktop directories, which have ____sort directories, which contain older desktops
hard drives are worse than my apartment

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state of storage = ridiculous
find out their temp rating, measure the temp, measure ambient temp, digure out max ambient temp rise, add that to operating temp
if that is over rated temp, fix it with lower current or use something else
spit test = 100C

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synth: wat
it is
theyre usually made for banas with insulated sleeves
which means theyll work for all bananas

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did you find
they do?

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dx^: mfkr
also did you find a psu to bench supply or kit or somerthing?

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theyre still working fine?

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this is what everyone says about all smartphones
mrtube: hihi
how is powered speakers?
i think people running ios are just less honest about it
well yeah embedded is hard!
unless someone gives me an iphone i wont give money to the company
anyway its normal pc vs mac argument

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