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the next stuff up you have to call ahead
im going to get tortellinis, bitches
go to wingstop and get atomic
stupid roxboxed gigabeat
you have to get it to boot up before it can charge by usb
well it has enough power for it to flash RECHARGE ME when i try to power it up
i stuff it into its stupid dock

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we can make sell a cable, so yes
ok i go get foods i guess
next time i go to the chinese by work i have to be like NO I REALLY MEAN SPICY LAST TIME REALLY SPICY WAS NOT ENOUGH
and ive maxed out the bbq place
i get the nitro sauce, which they dont keep on the table, and i barely feel it

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okay well i didnt do that
ty capn obvious
im going to make iTaze
im going to get it apple certified

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deathloop: rjmp deathloop
im hungry
but i have to drive to food i dont really have any
and its 11:53
= subway or italian

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naw i was like fuck that because the $30 blue leds case had an 80mm fan
this guy for audio stuff, needs a 120mm fan $30 case
i think i want to max out my current mobo on ram and buy and ssd
wait no just sdd
i forgot i have oldram
maybe vid card
where is that mfkr sculptor
what did he get for a controller

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fuck yeah
friend wants a new computer, match fry's for $550 i5 boxes
except i got 8gb ram, intel mobo, 500w antec supply

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no we like the shows at the music box
even if the sound was way inconsistent
naw it has something to do with the owner
died or some shit
itll prob be back or theyll move the shows
but hype is next week

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holy shit guys
ram is cheap

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why there is cp on it?
ok sorry that was mean but you kinda walked into that one
you should probably say something about encryption and passwords now
how are they fucked sounds like youre fucked

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theres prob 1000 spreadsheets, books, tech articles, calculators for that
what like export a netlist
it usually doesnt make sense to sim and layout with the same schematic
meh i dont want to go to work
working weekends is meh

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why are you using orcad
says the people that have been using it since they had no choice
why are you using pspice
use ltspice
and rtfm its prob select ctrl+something
try ctrl+e
its prob not that
thats how
theres also a yahoo group that has a tutorial
yeah you do the same thing in ltspice
you take the model, associate it with a symbol
it can be as easy as doing .include TL072.MOD
then naming an opamp symbol TL072
prob easier and less steps

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