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does she know it was you?
tell her its a sopa blackout

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mfkr channel
day 2 namm status: survived

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thats good you will only kill them once

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they sell that?
i think a lot of those traces are controlled impedance, also itll prob spray your system with EMI even if its not working

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monkey didnt and maybe doesn't drive a korean car, in korea, as a korean
that doesnt happen much, and from what i saw it meant you had money
shit if you had a korean car that wasnt white or black, it meant you had money

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ive been there
youre not that poor
you have a skyline sitting in a harage no?
garage -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KdrIG3SUuw&feature=related

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why can you not touch there
what it will burn you
youre afraid of esd
do you mean you cant change the circuit
because you already made 300
yup what
more words
what youre better than rework
anyway put a series diode
wait that wont work
yeah i know
learn electronics before you make 1000 of something
you pay me money, because thats what people in over their head do
are these 1000 already sold or comitted to a project schedule?
you paypal half before i even think about it

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did you forget the question

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dsp guitars, guitar amps and effects
and now pro audio
haha we just namm'd my project so i guess i can talk about it now
chub: its high current, so use low esr, high ripple current caps
thats fine
maybe watch out for through hole stacked ceramic, they seem to blow up more than other ceramics
the smt ones dont have this reputation, so im guessing its lead stress breaking ends of the stack, or the extra epoxy dip is fucking their thermal conductivity up

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