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o actually i got the 320GB drive for $10 more

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does link work?
built that, so far very well behaved
if it had better graphics i would be sad to give it to its owner person
kind of sad to give it away even with the integrated graphics

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if you have 1080 lcd ill take it
dont care about size
oh shit i should check that

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i need a cheap used monitor

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whatever listen to music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGX0cz6D2oI&t=91
somehow that will make everything ok

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yeah i knew youd like that one

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is there a datasheet for this thing?
nice buzzer symbol
hehe WOORI
just put a hex inverter on it with a coupling cap
like, everything in parallel

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call it a speaker
and if you leave it on youll maybe burn it up
you can pwm it you just need a coupling cap
and itll prob pop on turnon and turnoff
not enough information
then why do you have free time for projects
get a job
anyway, im not going to teach you rc filters just to explain what information i need to calculate the values for you

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damn were ditchng the 317 idea?
monkeyisl doesnt do thermal math, he saves money
you should do an impedance plot of your buzzer
make a little buzzer enclosure
square synth different error tunes to user
which timecop
i was going to mention a coupling cap
but then i got more stoned

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monkeyisl: itll buzz less?
oh, if its piezo it might just buzz different
to what
a buzzer?
wtf monkey
is it worth reading back or is monkeyisl being vague and incomplete with information as usual
use a zener or some shit
youre going to switch a vreg on and off?
wow youre going to have the most hardcore buzzer driver ever
use a 317 without a feedback network
1.25V ref to ground
think it works

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jezus fuck no, iim responsible
going to go ride my bike to lunch and then hiking i guess

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omg you knocked her out!?
anyway stop bitching about your kid so much, its up there with gpf complaining about how his life is so fucked up
join #codependent-support-group or something
er not gpf i like that guy
the_gfr|w, that guy
god that would be a scary place...

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mfkr channel
whats for breakfast
_unreal: you know why your daiughter is a pain in the ass?
because you talk shit about her to people all the time
and she knows

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