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oh fuck you are good at that
rerouter: because real test gear is expensive?

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wow actually try and pronounce my typo
takes skill
i made up this word just right now no one has said it before

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the hack known as
my little olimex has a bigass 20p header
its the reason the board is that wide

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these things are real?
tons of shit available if you dont give a fuck about packages

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wait so no one has used this rasberry pi yet
except the people selling it
agree on what
i made a question
or tyou mean about vietnamese food
honestly i had pho once
its soup im kinda like, uh neat
gimme noodles + peanuts + bbq steak + cut up eggrolls + sprouts and lettuce plus whatever sauce
prob fish sauce but whatever its good

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guys wingstop closes at 11 tonight =O
plans ruined
subway or italian =\
or jack in the box
yeah fuck that torrence is like 300 miles away
wtf is rasberry pi
eh what
that says gardena
like its in gardena
vietnamese noodle dishes > ramen, anyway

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anything real you go through UL
well, most around UL

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my thursday night irl dnb is having major buffering issues on my wed night efnet dnb stream
doesnt give a fuck, mixing right through the dropouts

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dx^: omg i found that magic bullets book you sent me
so im supposed to read that, then get all the bitches
or what

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engadget loves us
dorks, those are encoders with light pipes for RGB LEDs, not pots

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