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`nico: max mosley?
google formula one max mosley nazi

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synth: scope is in peak to peak volts, the gen is prob in rms
so that almost explains the 7 and 14
then yeah, you are prob reading the 10x scale on the scope
either look at the other pointer on the voltage range knob (analog), or set your scope to 1x (DSO)

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itll prob emi itself into the dirt

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quad i5 2.8ghz
wasnt that cheap, but everything else was
its was like NOMNOMNOMNOM at all the progress bars
so move
so get a job or go to school
i got an intel h67 mobo
because just for audio, prob wont ever have a badass gfx card in it
like, its better than my 4 year old quad thing, except for video
they just work
yeah for what you want to do with it it makes sense too
else youll just want another pc in two years

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want a modular PSU
how will this reduce clutter in my case =(
just built a friend a $550 pc
used a $30 rosewill case, 120mm rear fan, pretty okay
got a 500W antec psu

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income = tax
youre supposed to declare that
you mean like an extra business tax or something?
oh thats just paperwork
prob make a lot of money
ebay is prob an awesome way to launder money
take pics of random shit
buy it
prob dont even bother to pretend to ship anything
unreal you are prob okay breaking the law as much as you are
if youre a serious business youre already paying taxes or you deserve to be fucked by the irs
not because the taxes are okay, but everyone else gets fucked only fair you get fucked the same

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then twice a year when you get 3 paychecks in a month like for no reason
yay moon
mine is on my bday this year \o/
im sure it went awesome
well its estimated, but if youre all salary its pretty much dead on
yay pipes
we do reviews like next month

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in meetings
hey manny is #1 dude
when you were 3?
man so ive been good about paying my bills as soon as they happen, right
and now i get this anxiety when i have no more bills to pay
its like i look in my calandar and im like LET ME PAY YOU WHY WONT YOU LET ME PAY
because sometimes you get so far ahead a paycheck happens and its like OH SHIT ALL MINE YAAAA BITCHES

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dx^: its kind of soothing
like a jet engine
actually exactly like a jet engine
thats the building
im in the little box attached to the left side thats mostly cut out of the pic
heh, i guess airstream had the building built
see what they did there...
there are conference rooms in the corner with 3 walls, one of them all curving
i heard it made some people feel sick
the sound coming at them from random directions
there us a piece of wall where eddie valen halen signed
and then the janitor cleaned most of the signature off

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oh, workbox
application approved
dx^: so were power testing speakers using laptops as signal sources
pink noise, 6dB crest, maybe 10KW total power in amps and speakers in the room
its knocking out the hard drives
well, no not at work anymore
because we were driving people nuts, only lasted a few weeks (i was complaining to them for 6 months we needed to find a place to do it off site)
so now we test in the building the company left like 5 years ago, still unleased
power, no internets
but yeah, we couldnt figure out why the audio kept cutting out
it was two reasons
abandoned corp office building
im in a little cinderblock sound isolated studio space
it drives you crazy or puts you to sleep
i wear ear plugs and ear muffs

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wtf 48gb of ram

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