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i found them

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oh fuck
i have no quarters

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cheaper than urmom
so i need to do laundry, fuuuuuuuu
i just want to go to sleep

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i dont get it
anyway im going to read a bit and go to sleep
or just go to sleep
what do you mean former home of stonertronics
efnet stopped smoking weed?

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crazy thats has way more buttons and knobs than the shit i used
is macegr done with his printerhead thing
kind of want to tack one onto my taig
pretty sure thats all i would need
a brushy thing so it could clean itself
the fuck is that

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the tech i was with when we did it kind of had a bad rep with management tho
so it mostly came down on him, i had to email boss like, YA HI YOU GUYS KNOW I WAS THE ONE ACTUALLY WORKING THE CONTROLLER RIGHT
they didn't seem to care
i mean i was working the controller i should have known if there was a PCB in the oven or not...
haha he like grabbed it, all smoking and ran to the bathroom to put it out
made the whole lab smell, bunch of people went home early
rab: theyre not constant temp?
i played with one of those in high school
we borrowed them from occidental college
there are homebrew gas chromatograph plans around?
shit i could make one tonight if i didnt <3 my toaster oven for foods
yeah i think the ones we used were hp
was like a microwave box attached to a pc
hole on top to inject stuff

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we delaminated a PCB with a converted oven
HR got all pissed, so we had to send to our wireless engineering office =\
we just got it and were testing the serial com control
its cool for proto stuff
fuck that get it done
danielson: y
i was running it, with another tech, we were seeing how fast the temp could ramp
i didnt know he had a pcb in the oven =\
anyway those ovens are shit for following profiles
you basically have to learn how fast it can ramp and kind of tweak your profiles so you actually get what you want instead of what you programmed
its just a gutted fiberglass insulated toaster oven
with the heating elements hijacked and temp sensor feedback
so yeah that fiberglass prob dont cool down like a ventilated IR oven

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well i backed the fuck off when i found out she had a bf
because yeah girls with guys seems to be a pattern too
sometimes i even know about them =\
theres details
mostly it was how touchy friendly she was with me after i went to one of her rock n roll shows
right before she introduced me to him
do i really have to watch this?
so your point is im in friendzone with bartender gir?
you know that ive fucked most my friendzone girls, right?

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we have multiple barserver girls at workbar
one is like a mini salma hayek, we all love her
rab met her, he can tell you
well, shes brown all the way and hotter with tits about as big
biggy salma hayek is only half brown
no you cannot have pics of emmy that would violate our bondtrust
there is also another with
with big giant fake tits
and shes older
she once pressed them against me while taking our order
then after she asked me my name
she sexually assaulted me before she even knew my name
=( =( =(
mini salma hayek always remembers my name
she hasnt sexually assault me =( =( =(
haha once she tried to get me to drink a shot of who knows what and im like SURE IF YOURE GOING TO DRIVE ME HOME
and she kind of awkwardly locked up, made one of her busboys take the shot
awkwardness is not a no!
she is still super friendly tho
rab: haha so now dnb bartender girl complains about her bf to me
this is a fucked up pattern in my life...

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cactus ftmfw
no theyre not
theyre tacos
wtf is text mex
wtf is a cieling
you sit outside
are you smoking rocks?
we go to drum n bass, we drink a lot of beer, we give the patio bartender $1 more, we eat tacos
we go home
cactus seems to be your metaphor for smoking rock
well these are real tacos
some would say tacos defined
at 3am
you mean a grade school kids term for camel toe?
well, yeah
in tights
pulled up to far

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damn i stepped on my midi keyboard
neat still works
danielson: or shes eating tacos
i never come home after the the bar
i dont understand
i really eat tacos after the bar

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