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hmm oh shit d bridge

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hmm they have them in the for sale section
er, on sale, i guess
why are you like =(
you could have been doing this for years?
youre supposed to have your own part numbers
and then you attach multiple manufacturer part numbers to that part number
and you tell buyer girl GET THIS
and she will find the cheapest one at the cheapest place
well yeah maybe
it depends how you tell her the deadline

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haha wtf its got spikes
wut go jersey
hmm, oh no
guys i cant find any of my sneakers on puma.com

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looks like she still does a lot of standup
damn, puma ad on youtube knows my fav shoe
should i read that?
puma.com is google?

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urmom? 1000 miles.
made me think of this
wtf happened to sandra burnhard

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mfkr that shit will kill you
dead like madonna
im going to say that all the time now

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urmom? dedicated PSU.

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in 5min it is officially late nooooooooo
no this isnt the 80s
free pizza means people die

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guys where is pizza

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urmom? bottleneck.

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